Awards !!! I am Famous

Award No. 10 and its just March. Soma , that wonderful woman who spoils me has done it again. I am apparently a Very Inspiring Blogger (debatable , but who cares )

Luckily for me, Soma has forgotten to paste the rules again. So the rules below are of my own making. 😀

1. Write about someone/something that inspired you in recent times.

I have always been inspired by my father, even after the terrible arguments we have. The man awes me.

2. Link 3 or more Blogs you think inspire a lot of people (even if it doesnt inspire you)

i. IHM aka Indian Home Maker: This is a no brainer. Guess she already has been awarded over and over but cant help it that shes the first person that comes to mind.

ii. Usha Maam: A teacher both offline and on. Her heart is set on finding the best in people, overlooking any and all faults (but a spell checker par excellence)

iii. Shail : Quirkly, fun and the owner/mother of Luci my biggest crush. Her writing is incisive and she has a no nonsense approach to some topics that make one sit up and take notice.

iv. Soma : How can I not want Soma’s take on the new variant. She made me do it. 😀 Read her for pure unadulterated fun. And read her for insight into a world whose existence we deny.

3. Share the award to the  bloggers above.

4. Share the qoute, dialogue, photo, song (whatever works ) that you always go back to when looking for inspiration.

Qoute/Dialogue: Life is not the number of breaths you take, It is the number of moments that take your breathe away from Hitch

Song: (Dont know why, but this song always gets me in a peppy mood)

Oh, and if you are here and think someone else deserves the award. Go ahead and share it, take it for yourself too. Often the people we inspire dont comment.


So Award No. 9 from Soma, one of the most addictive, fun bloggers around. You should read her blog to know what I am talking about, there’s some serious fun there and the way she makes it all work in life and on the blogosphere is amazing.

So This is the Beautiful Blogger Award. Soma, in one of her Sloth moods makes no mention of the rules, but I found them out just for all of you 😛 , so here goes:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award. (Done )

2. Paste the award on your blog (Done)

3. Link the person who nominated you for the award (Done)

4. Nominate 7 bloggers or less ( Done along with the Award No 10 )

5. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominated (Done above with Award No. 10)


Award No. 8. This getting involved in the whole blogging process works. 😀

Soma, one of my most dedicated readers, has bestowed upon me The Sunshine Award. Probably the first and last time I get that adjective used against that name. 😀 Thank you Soma for all the sunshine you send my way. It amazing you have all this energy after all the love and care you give to the kids.

There are quite a few questions here (the part I hate the most), and so here goes:

Favourite colour– Blue, Red and Black
Favourite Animal– The Bengal Tiger
Favourite number– I had to think about this so there is no favorite
Favourite non-alcoholic drink– Chai
Facebook or twitter– WordPress 😛
My passion– reading, writing, football and movies
getting or giving presents– Giving. I just dont know how to accept graciously and make people uncomfortable 😦
Favourite Pattern– horizontal….. the pattern of sleep :lol: (Copying straight of Soma here, cant better this one)
favourite day of week– Everyday. Its all the same
favourite flower– Daisies

Now comes nominees:

Am just going to copy paste my blogroll here:

Usha Ma’am : A teacher, a poet, a mentor, an amazing person overall. One of my first online friends, biggest motivator around.

Shail Mohan: Or Shailedathy as a very close friend calls her, incisive writing, witty one liners and has a dog called Luci who can melt your heart with just a look.

Geetanjali Chitnis: in her own words: 1990 First Edition. Bangalorean. Foodie. Bookworm. Post-It collector. Rahul Dravid admirer. Writer by day, writer by night! Reminds me that sometimes writing doesnt need to be controlled.

Pahwan: A friend in the real world, need to bug him to start writing again.

Gia Ghani : An amazing writer that i have silently read every word of.

Minnesotean Madness: Have no idea of her name, never commented but again a brilliant writer, a journalist in the past.

Indian Home Maker : The mother hen of all Indian bloggers, and doesn’t need any introduction actually.

Philip: The epitome of comic writing. Amazingly entertaining. Kinda inactive now

Chandni : Another blogger i have silently devoured every word of. Entertaining.

Mathew: A blogger par excellence when I was a fledgling. Disappeared a while ago.

Sashu:  A friend from my Orkut poetry days, Amazing writer. Very mature for her age.

Silverine: Wit especially from crowded offices make my day.

There you go. That’s it. Spread the Sunshine. Make the world a brighter place. Oh if you are reading this and are not on the list, please consider yourself also touched by a ray of Sunshine and take the award. Answer the questions and let there be more light.


Award No. 7, this time from the loving mother to all Indian bloggers, Indian Home Maker (IHM) . She has been an inspiration to most bloggers, both Indian and otherwise. A blog with interesting, eye opening, shares that give you food for thought. She always has a reply to your comments and is open to opinions.

Anyways I kind of forced her hand with a second comment to her award contest, which also won me repeats of  5 of the awards below and this brand new one 😀

It also doesn’t say a word of any compulsory tagging, relieving me of my duties whatsoever. So anyone who has an opinion about that, feel free to pick the award up for yourself. Do leave that opinion in the comments section, I just might have a different one. I promise not to be rude.


So Award No .6, from Usha Maam, which makes 2012 pretty darn interesting all of a sudden. I have posted at an amazing frequency thanks to them. But this means, the posts are changing slowly.

Not sure if that will last. But This has also increased my responsiveness to other bloggers, I comment more, I read more and on the whole am more involved.

Guess am slowly becoming a true blue blogger.

Now Lets Spread the Cheer:

Sashutty, step up and be rewarded. Your lovely verse needs all the glory

Luci , I know Shail’s gonna keep this one too, but you are my heroine. 😀

Silverine:  If this amazing blogger finds a way to get to this page, I consider myself lucky. Poomanam, My Think Pad  are two amazingly entertaining reads. Sharp and witty

Sarah: A new found fave, very very addictive reading.

Sidin: Now an author (of Dork) is awesome reading. Especially for the mallu born like most of my readers.

PS: Won it, through a contest from IHM here


Genuine Blogger Award

So Award No. 5 , again from Usha Ma’m, who never tires in trying to increase my viewership. Thank you Ma’am, hope I can do justice to all the recognition. The awardees from my part, will all be clubbed together for the three awards of which this is second.

So bear with me and accept whenever you get to see this page. I am not the posting on your profile kinda person unless I have known you a while.

PS: Won again from IHM here


Award No. 4 from Usha Ma’am, proving again that Soma and Usha are my two most faithful and perhaps only readers.

The Rules:

Go on and share and spread the joy around, as you tag and gift as many bloggers as you wish :)

Share something of yourself, in a word or two, for each letter of the English Alphabet :) Else if you wish to try your own language, vernacular, you are welcome!

Now to the Alphabet:

A : Arrogant at times, Average more often

B: Boyishly Charming ( I claim), Boring more likely

C: Constantly Content. Saves time from chasing after unseen fancies

D: Diaboically Devious, this is the only written admission ever

E: Energy Saving means use the least possible energy for the best possible results

F: Fearless often enough to maintain regular bruises and cuts on mortal body

G: Grounded in Dreams, not ever coming back to earth

H: Hungry for more always

I: Insane in small measures mostly unnoticable

J: Jumping to conclusions that are never true, jump back without any hard feelings

K: Killer Smile. Sample here —> 😀

L: Lost in Thought. Mostly of ideas no one understand or wants to

M: Marriage escapist: An artist in this less known art Successfully completed 29 years recently

N: Needs entertainment, excitement and awesomeness on a regular basis

O: Orator in retirement, never to pick up a mike again

P: People friendly, its the best act yet

Q: Questions all logic, doesnt wait for answers

R: Romantic, always was, always will be

S: Social animal, pretty recognisable in all the cities I have resided in

T: Terrible memory, forget birthdays, anniversaries and/or any thing that happens on a recurring basis

U: Understand all 4 of the South Indian Languages.

V: Victorious over life’s multiple tests and deaths

W: Witty as declared by self.

X: Xeric skinned (yes, i went online for that word), hate using any kind of moisturizer.

Y: Yields to temptation pretty easily. Sinner I am

Z: Zesty

Am listing the people i Share this with along with the awards above.

PS: Won a second time from IHM here


Award No. 3 from Soma  , a newly found addictive blogger. Her poems are amazing and need to be read. Click Here to sample some of them now.

Anyways all of these people have suddenly decided that my silent existence is not acceptable for them and are plotting to make me become more vocal.

So here are the rules:

1) write something about you

2) Link upto 7 posts of yours you like

3) Nominate fellow bloggers

and the results are:

1. Something about me: I am a movie maniac, downloading and watching upto 5 movies a day when I have the time. I dont mind watching a good movie again and again and then again.

2. Link to 7 posts i like: Unfair as I cant have my posts fighting over attention. All of them are awesome, just like me 😀

3. Fellow Bloggers : Most of the following already have received this award multiple times but am hoping they accept it one more time:

1. Shail’s Nest : addictive reading for me, she better accept this.

2. Preeti Shenoy: When I started reading her, she wasnt the big shot author she is now. But all the glory hasnt changed a thing. Very entertaining and very very down to earth.

3. Anyanka : Dark and haunting , gripping reading.

4. Usha Ma’am: The teacher online and offline, always ready with a helping hand and a kind word.

5. Post it Notes from my Idiot Boss: Hilarious and simple, if I had his boss, I would write a book and get rich. 😀

Thats it for now. Am hoping the ping back tells them they have been tagged. I hate commenting 😦

PS: Got awarded again from Usha maam here.


This Award (No. 2)  again comes from Usha maam, which kind of gets me reminiscing about how we know each other and you dear reader are stuck with me. Well, we met on the internet in a community that has a shared passion for poetry. While her writes held meaning and were beautiful, my rhymes often leading to no conclusion got her attention. It was exhilarating and one of the  reasons I still try my hand at poetry. Thank you Maam. You are Awesome.

Now the rules:

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post. (Done it :D )
2. Share 7 things about oneself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading. (not doing this )
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award. (so dont have to do this either  😀 )

7 Things about me:

  1. I am an atheist. Often strongly question and argue about religion. Dont have any philosophy to follow so just take it one day at a time.
  2. Had a terrible accident in 2009 tat left me without a voice. Now after vocal exercises and random other things, have a voice that puts Brando to shame.
  3. An avid reader of fiction, hate autobiographies and self help books. Forget to return books borrowed or to ask for them when mine go out.
  4. Hate being photographed, love taking them. A photo blog will be added soon to my growing pages.
  5. An internet freak, can spend hours on it, and at the same time can live without it too.
  6. Love all animals after a particular cat changed my opinion last year. Most likely to have a dog than to ever be married.
  7. Last but never the least, my memory sucks, so this blog is also a reminder of the past in ways that arent visible.
So My first award , from Usha maam. The rules of this are pretty hazy (Lucky Me 😀 ). Its to be appreciated and here I am basking in the glory. Am supposed to tag more people I but me being me, most of my faves already have the awards and if I do tag them, it would mean letting them know I follow them. Not something my Super Ego is ready to accept.  There isnt a dead line so maybe i will, some time in the future (the distant future)
Candle Lighter Award (Jan 2012)

Thank you, Usha Maam.

26 thoughts on “Awards !!! I am Famous

Add yours

  1. Thank YOU, Tito 🙂 It is such a delight and honour to have you accept them, and put them up on your blog, AND, play a little by the rules 😛 😛 I so love that 🙂
    Thank you too, for all those kind words. Yes, those days, interacting on those various poetry threads, and attempting to make meaning of all I read actually got me writing again. It was something I had abandoned for a long long period of time. So Thanks go to you as well. Especially for those kind words. No, I do not consider mine anything beyond rambles and writes 🙂 🙂

    The Sevens Rules: Very interesting. I knew about the Atheist thing 🙂
    No. 5, 6. Me too 🙂 . Marlon Brando’s Voice, as in Godfather. Now that IS something!

    It’s an uplifting way to end today. Thank you, again, for that 🙂

    1. Thanks to you, my viewership has now tripled.. Dont know if i should be worried by it or not.. And all this commenting has made me start reacting (but cant not answer your comments – force of habit i guess.)
      Glad to know all those write did some good. Hope all this Karma is getting counted somewhere. 😀
      And what are rules if you cant bend them a little. 😀

  2. Lol @she better accept this. Yes i do accept the award. Honored and thank you. Now I get to display 7 links to my own blogs. Not bad! 😉

    Dogs are always better Tito! 😉

    1. Thank you.. Go ahead and display 10 or 20, i wont complain..

      Now , if only I could convince my mom with the dog argument.. That would be bliss.

  3. Wow! Thank you, Tito! I second Shail, totally on the Dog argument 🙂 I hope someday your mother will be convinced (unlikely though, if you still haven’t so far :D, but dont give up! 😀 )
    And congratulations, for each one that grows in this list.
    Did I tell you? The bg of the blog is really interesting. Rather mysterious 🙂

    1. Thank you maam.. That does it, now the convincing gathers more steam..

      The background is randomly searched on google for the word Papyrus, this was the best they had among the results. Awesome na 😀

  4. The G point. Grounded in dreams, never coming back to Earth, is the reason for Marriage Escapist? 😀 But then you question logic, and never wait for answers.
    Verrry interesting list. 🙂 Congrats on 6.5.4 🙂

      1. Well, this blog will be the part of any introduction/proposals that come my way. 😀 That will ensure many more of them run away.. 😀

  5. Accepted!!! It’s always an amazing feeling, to win awards or recognition! Even better when it is from someone you think high of 🙂 Thankieeeee Tito!!! 🙂

  6. ha ha ha you got it so right i was in my slothgiri gawd Tito rules bore me …and then rules are meant to be broken..the moment someone tells me ok these are the rules and i grow horns, give a devilish grins and break them…a perfect teacher material I am..
    congrats Tito..and thanks for the mention 🙂

  7. Thanks so much Tito…. too darned busy to take them away immediately 😀 Will come back and take them. And congrats too… you are a very inspiring blogger 🙂 Truly 🙂

    1. If all these awards amount to something, I guess the fame is growing by the second 😀

      Me and Bonita are the friends. Soma is just my medium to talk to Bonita 😀 Just like you are too, Dida 😀

      As for the interesting part, I guess you can decide for yourself.

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