Dumbo and Dumber… (Character Analysis)

Before i start let me give a brief character sketch of the two title holders.. First the common part, both of them are twenty somethings , both work for a reputed IT firm as whatever it is that MBA’s work as..¬†

Now the specifics, dumbo is the female half of this twosome and is a totally confused lady , whether it is life, career or marriage we talk about.. She is pretty docile when alone , but put next to dumber dumbo turns into a total nutcase. Dumber, dumbos male counterpart, is without doubt the uncontested king of comedy, he isnt deliberate about it but is a master at it..

A typical day begins with dumbo and dumber greeting each other and settling down into their side by side seats.. Till then a normally sane office space , the whole area turns into a circus where dumbo and dumber entertain people with their antics.. Dumbo plays the perfect partner to dumber’s ever increasingly stupid tactics.. While dumber provides valuable humour to noone in particular and everyone in general, dumber adds the glitz to it.. While dumbers one liners were famous, dumbo adds to them by turning them into conversation topics.. Both of them then set off into debate on things they have no clue about (ranging from why it isnt raining to why testimonials are the best part of any profile on orkut)

Episodes of this unbeatable combo will soon be common diet to all my readers , but till then i bid adieu to one and all, giving you time to mentally picture  two normal people (though this is still under serious debate ) under normal circumstances creating abnormally hilarious chaos..


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