The Actual Bloggers..

The blogroll is always under construction and will be updated over time:

Usha Ma’am : A teacher, a poet, a mentor, an amazing person overall. One of my first online friends, biggest motivator around.

Shail Mohan: Or Shailedathy as a very close friend calls her, incisive writing, witty one liners and has a dog called Luci who can melt your heart with just a look.

Soma : Shes the most fun person I have on the blogosphere. Amazing way of inventing new games. Sometimes becomes a sloth, but comes back with better stuff.

Geetanjali Chitnis: in her own words: 1990 First Edition. Bangalorean. Foodie. Bookworm. Post-It collector. Rahul Dravid admirer. Writer by day, writer by night! Reminds me that sometimes writing doesnt need to be controlled.

Pahwan: A friend in the real world, need to bug him to start writing again.

Gia Ghani : An amazing writer that i have silently read every word of.

Minnesotean Madness: Have no idea of her name, never commented but again a brilliant writer, a journalist in the past.

Indian Home Maker : The mother hen of all Indian bloggers, and doesn’t need any introduction actually.

Philip: The epitome of comic writing. Amazingly entertaining. Kinda inactive now

Chandni : Another blogger i have silently devoured every word of. Entertaining.

Mathew: A blogger par excellence when I was a fledgling. Disappeared a while ago.

Sashu:  A friend from my Orkut poetry days, Amazing writer. Very mature for her age.

Silverine: Wit especially from crowded offices make my day.

Most of them write way better than me, make me consider shutting this blog down (if you came here blog hopping, move on to them for better fare and sensible ideas) and once in a while force me into writing again (when I read about things that i am passionate about, have a very funny thought about or coz the basic idea deserves a brick bat)

Note: There is no particular order or ranking here. There is no promise of one in the future either.


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  1. Yeah yeah. What’s all this nonsense about shutting down? Don’t you dare! Pssst! Will let you in on a secret. Many times I get the jitters reading blogs and wonder what the hell I am doing here among all that talent!

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