Men Vs. Women

Bringing back some of my oldies from dusty recesses of the internet, Usha and Sashu might just remember this from its original days 😀
Men and women invairably stand..
One without the other always damned..
What do we have so different i wonder..
Physical and mental differences i ponder..
Oh, the almighty did play a wicked plot..
Dividing us amongst our own lot..

A knight stands strong fighting his side..
On the other a lady scorned and weapons drawn wide..
Both in eternal battle engaged for now..
What attacks and counterattacks, and oh how?

One without the other incomplete..
Each in the other their match do meet..
From time immemorial to future unending..
One to the other is bound , body and mind..

Try as we may to escape it..
The thing is thats the only way we fit..
Two pieces of a puzzle simple..
Two faces of a magical coin till we wrinkle..

Fight it or embrace it choose u can..
But lie not to ur heart and to ur own clan..
For even in the deepest of hatred..
A little care and love has somewhere bred..

I have my reasons to choose my path too..
But logic gives me reasons few..
To ensue in a fight ages old yet new..
As always i stand by as i have no clue…


Define Life

Everyone who has ended up here has for sure one time or other pondered the meaning of that simple four letter word to which there is no real definition. Everyone has their own ideas or beliefs attached to it, making it all the more bearable.

I have my fleeting ideologies too, more often than not residing closely to karma and dharma, i have no belief in athma though which makes my beliefs not have the weight they normally carry. Anyways, i have heard some interesting ideas and wanted to letit out into the world, hear similar ideas or contrasting emotions..

1. The Higher Purpose Principle: We are born to serve a higher purpose. The days we are alive, merely a web of interlinked events, aimed at delivering one final act, one powerhouse performance, one stupendous event that we might never realize even happened.

2. The Evolution Principle: This I found hilarious but maybe more true than any of us are ready to accept, we are just another of natures experiments, a part of the evolutionary chain, that will be discarded sometime in the future without a second thought as a better, faster, smarter species takes over.

3. The Nonsense Theory: The whole idea being that it makes no sense and thinking about it makes no sense, discussing this makes no sense either and writing about it is also just to prove that it is total nonsense.

4. The Me theory: This one is awesome and something Barney Stinson should adopt. The core idea being that everything that happened was leading to me being born and everything thats happening after is for my personal entertainment or education (the tough parts as Calvin’s dad puts it ” Builds Charachter”)

5. Karma / Dharma: The cause and effect principle underlying Hinduism, Budhism and Jainism, it has variants in all religions. Simply that everything that we do has an after effect, which means I am headed to a terrifying end that is getting closer. Cant wait.

6. All this made me make up The Tito Principle, which sees its very first expression here and now: Any discussion or thoughts on this topic is moot. Noone has a clue and the conversational arguments are getting stale.


PS: In case you haven’t noticed, I avoided the word Life in the text above. But always wanted to start and end a post with the same word and so lets see who can life define ?

Random Sparks of Brightness – I

Have decided to start jotting down the random things that suddenly enlighten me to some very big truths. So, here goes no. 1 on the list

1. Most men do not understand a word when two women are chatting (we prefer it that way), until and unless they decide to use a code trying to make it difficult to understand (often making us perk our ears up and take notice, often to find the so called code so easy to break that it makes us feel secure to go back to day dreaming).

Special thanks here to Bella.

As the Dust Settles…

The new years is probably here by the time you my readers get to this blog.. But instead of making empty promises (also called resolutions to self) i am going to take stock.. Not of my life as is the fad these days.. My life is just fine and i dont need that out in public more than it already is ( those of you who are reading into it, go ahead)

Taking stock of the world as a whole, there isnt much left of it with banks going bust, people going broke and the big mean machines getting a shot in the arm while they should have been wiped off the earth. We are slowly but surely heading to total doom (if this sets of a panic attack , dont worry its not gonna happen in your lifetime).. On the bright side companies are going green or advertising it, real estate prices are falling , petrol prices are falling and air travel is cheaper (so if u ever wanted to take that road trip or make a foriegn tour nows the time, your job might not be here when u get back but then its a new year, and that sounds promising doesnt it)

Coming to India, oh India, My India.. We are on the all the right maps, in all the best circles and even on the moon (Chandrayaan people). We have finally won a gold medal at the Olympics (1 gold for a billion – bahut nainsaafi hai). And just as we were sitting back and basking in glory, we were attacked.

Now this is where i digress a little. I have sat and heard the innumerous rants and ravings about why, who and whats that surrounded the issue. I believe that as always we have done what we are best at. Raise a hue and cry, beat up a few people, sling a little mud, hurl unparlimetary names at the government and then let the dust settle. We are a nation of people who are just a little too docile and proud about it. We should be ashamed that anyone and everyone can walk in uninvited, plant a bomb and walk out. It doesnt really matter who they are. They were pakis is secondary. It could have been anyone, think about it, they had a reason that was stupid but the whole damn country was up in arms trying to kill them, nuke them out of existence even. Rage was vented on anything paki. Even artists were not spared. Now when the dust has finally setteld, and mumbai that phoenix of a city is back to business as usual, have we forgotten.

I am not angry at anyone but myself, whoever attacked us it was because we let it happen to us. We boast around and hide behind (mostly the latter) our so called culture and civilisation so much that we have almost let ourselves be blinded by what is in our faces – We are now long past the glory phase. The story was over years ago even before the British took over (that was why they took over people, because we were way past glory and glam). In the here and the now the facade is slowly breaking , while on one side we are breaking the cannibalistic , snake charming stereotype on the other we are also bringing to notice that there is a lot that has been brushed under the carpet. We are a developing nation you might say in defense. Well, is there an end date to that development ??? When will we be developed?? When will we stop hiding behind everything history says we were and truly be proud of who we are ???

My share of ranting over, i am going back into my selfish existense, i have to find a party for tonight.. Being alone is just too nerdy these days..

Oh and on the personal front, my year as an office going, earning citizen has definitely left a few pockets thicker (including my dads who doesnt have to support me and all those people who sold me everything from toothpaste to teradrives)

Adios Amigos !
Wishing u all the very best life has to offer, the happiness of a lifetime and the drama of a never ending hindi movie..

Its Complicated

Your silence holds my wandering mind..
It seeks meaning for clues it cant find..
Asking you why draws but a glare..
An expression of grief, some despair..

Nothing happened but something broke..
There is no fire but there is smoke..
Try as i do to reason or rhyme..
My answers arent worth a dime..

Why is it that its not right..
Simple as it is in plain sight..
My question has been negated..
All you say is Its Complicated..

Taking Sides

I got this comment that i side with the male gender on most issues. Well, i guess its mostly because i am one and secondly because i am yet to meet a single lady that i could completely comprehend.. They are enigmatic creatures, very very entertaining and sometimes brilliant, but on the whole a big question mark.. Then coming to the point of the modern educated woman, it is pretty convincing argument but it just doesnt last..Or maybe its because my interactions with the so called group has not convinced me yet that they exist.. Its a big sham, very carefully constructed, and very well executed.. But if u look carefully enough there are enough chinks in the armour to thrust a blade through..

The yare supposedly independent, self- sufficient and all that jazz.. But the few indian girls that i have met in the category are either married to pretty strong men ( meaning the ladies can actually do what they want thanks to the men) or still too young to lay claim to the title..

Now coming to the other side, i take the side of my gender because the guys most of the time have no clue what they are all about, women have pretty single tracked minds and multitasking hands, men have multitasking minds and single tracked hands.. They might be thinking about sachin while holding an intelligent conversation with their counterparts but they cant cook and watch TV at the same time.. They are the ones that need all the defense they can get.. Tear down the machismo , the gadgets and the suits, we are still kids who never will grow up.. Responsibility is often thrust on us rather than willingly taken (in life not at work, coz at work responsibility with power is a high we like)..
Women on the other hand are equipped with what is called sixth sense, then something called instinct and on top of it have made an art out of expressions of silence.. Men cant understand silence, they like the background noises.. As Douglas adams says, when people stop talking, they start thinking.. Sadly thinking can only go so far, then they get to dreaming , then they crash land back into reality and realize their dreams are all futile.. This leaves them pretty depressed.. This is why men like all things noisy – guns, fast cars, hard rock and fist fights.. With one of their senses engaged they are pretty happily oblivious to everything else..

I hope this gives my anonymous reader an inkling of why i take sides.. And why it almost always favors the men..

Picture Perfect…

There are some times when u just want to shout out loud at the world.. U might not even know the reason why.. Its just pent up frustration that has built up inside you, sometimes not even that.. Whenever i havent written for a while i get the same way.. Thats when my scribbling starts..

This time though this scribbling is gonna try and make sense , in my own way though.. Recently i had a talk with a friend and the question that kept most of the conversation going was , ” why is it that most guys dont let it out when they like a girl?” . Of course it was framed differently, and there was a long lead up to it.. But thats not the story..

I am no expert, my relationships have failed miserably the few times i got the guts to spill the beans, but thanks to a great friends circle i am pretty sure that the reasons below are applicable to most guys..

Firstly, a guy hesitates only when he really likes the girl, because when he really likes her he really wants it to happen.. And he has a pretty picture painted in his mind of how it will be. The answer from the gal will alter the picture no matter what , for a no will shatter it and a yes will result in a few strokes of the gals own brush on how she wants the picture.. So u see, the picture is doomed.. And some guys would rather keep the hope of the picture alive.. The other thing is that thing called commitment.. It scares all guys, it gives us enormous responsibility with no or little power, try changing that on its head  and most guys will love it.. Then comes the whole ” i think we should just be friends bit”… It never works.Gals, a very sincere request, don’t use that line please, it hurts more than u know..

Men are simple creatures , they either get something or they dont.. And once they lose something its gone. they’ll pine and cry (yes, i have seen men cry) and crib, but they will be back to normal in a little while..

Now lets just say that the girl says yes, the guy is on cloud nine.. He has no idea of what romance is ( lets admit it, theres cricket , theres movie and then theres beer)..Gals don’t do  cricket, they don’t like the taste of beer and the movies they like are too mushy.. But a guy will gladly sit through 3 hours of song and dance while sachin hits a century or while Italy lift the world cup.. Its sheer torture and they take it gladly.. Notice here that it was not part of the pretty picture.. Then come the mood swings.. Freaky as they are, guys grin and bear it.. Please note that the picture is now totally different.. The guys hardly recognize it, but its alright..

If u are still wondering why is the guy keeps things to himself, its simple.. life as they know it ends..

How do you know if a smile touches the eyes or not…? How do you know if happiness reaches the heart or not…??

Passionate Lives

I have a very big friends circle, and i am very very proud of them.. I see them prosper , some slowly and some meteorically and i am happy.. But then I also see them switching jobs, one for another not very different because it gives them a higher package, more money to buy stuff that they think will make them happy or atleast keep them occupied.. Very rarely do i see passion, that incredible emotion that keeps one going no matter what.. I have seen very small glimpses of it, sometimes at work , sometimes when friends are talking about a topic they love, and most of the times its scared me.. For to have passion for something/someone is scary for me.. It gives a person an unbelievable drive, a reason to live and sometimes to die for.. It is amazing for a bystander, almost like a flame to a moth.. Attractive but dangerous.. To live life so completely is something i envy about them, for them there are no alternatives, no safety nets, nothing to fall back on.. Their friends although caring just dont understand it.. They might accept it, even encourage it.. Because it is amazing to watch..

I know i have and i always will..

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