Men Vs. Women

Bringing back some of my oldies from dusty recesses of the internet, Usha and Sashu might just remember this from its original days 😀
Men and women invairably stand..
One without the other always damned..
What do we have so different i wonder..
Physical and mental differences i ponder..
Oh, the almighty did play a wicked plot..
Dividing us amongst our own lot..

A knight stands strong fighting his side..
On the other a lady scorned and weapons drawn wide..
Both in eternal battle engaged for now..
What attacks and counterattacks, and oh how?

One without the other incomplete..
Each in the other their match do meet..
From time immemorial to future unending..
One to the other is bound , body and mind..

Try as we may to escape it..
The thing is thats the only way we fit..
Two pieces of a puzzle simple..
Two faces of a magical coin till we wrinkle..

Fight it or embrace it choose u can..
But lie not to ur heart and to ur own clan..
For even in the deepest of hatred..
A little care and love has somewhere bred..

I have my reasons to choose my path too..
But logic gives me reasons few..
To ensue in a fight ages old yet new..
As always i stand by as i have no clue…


Blog me a Poem

Blogging is a funny thing to do

A way out of  routine and a nice break too

Total freedom to say the things you want

To rant, to speak out and to touch a million minds


The start is the easy part

You register, login and begin to talk real smart

Your thoughts pour out loud and clear

Matters of the heart, issues that are dear


The flow ebbs as time goes by

The million minds dont say hi

The posts waver and come to a halt

You start doubting if its your fault.


Getting attention isnt that easy

And the blogosphere isnt for the lazy

Churn out content night after day

And comment to others ,  have your say


The views will come, I promise you this

If your blog doesnt lose its fizz

So what are you waiting for, go write another post

Let out that thought, that poem, that crazy ghost.


A Tail of Love

There are so many stories of the dead..
Oh haunted houses, wizards and how people bled..
Some names even are not mentioned out loud..
Like Voldermont, every Harry has a dark looming cloud..

My girlfriend of old had her pet scare..
A mouse so tiny, glimpses were rare..
But i hate that little ball of fur..
It has often kept me from her..

She would see it when it wasnt there..
and cling on me while i smelled her hair..
But one day the mouse made me mad..
It stole from me the kiss i never had..

We were so close our noses we touching..
When with a squeak, havoc it did fling..
She forgot the kiss and everything else..
The moment passed and never came thence..

I wonder what could kill that rat..
Hit it on the head with a brick bat..
But all the plans i hatched fell flat..
When she adopted the creature and called me fat..

Now i sit and wonder what went wrong..
How did the tune change to my song..
All eggs in one one basket crushed to the ground..
I ponder when love will visit me next time round..

Not Really a Rebel

The rock and roll scene gets to all..
While some succeed, most do fall..
Across the globe, they pop out from nowhere..
Telling the world how they dont care..

The fans go crazy at these guys..
Yuppy kids with jeans hanging off thighs..
A tattoo and a guitar is all you need..
That and lyrics no one can read..

Its a wacky crazy life I hear..
There’s wine, women and wealth to spare..
Those kisses that they throw in the air..
Make hearts flutter of many a maiden fair..

But all good things come to an end..
Most of them end up lonely around the bend..
In the solitude of their golden years they lie..
Often in pain wishing to just die..

I got the tattoo but no guitar..
I dont have a voice or the funky car..
Guess the rebel in me must be content..
That I can afford the next months rent..

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