A Tail of Love

There are so many stories of the dead..
Oh haunted houses, wizards and how people bled..
Some names even are not mentioned out loud..
Like Voldermont, every Harry has a dark looming cloud..

My girlfriend of old had her pet scare..
A mouse so tiny, glimpses were rare..
But i hate that little ball of fur..
It has often kept me from her..

She would see it when it wasnt there..
and cling on me while i smelled her hair..
But one day the mouse made me mad..
It stole from me the kiss i never had..

We were so close our noses we touching..
When with a squeak, havoc it did fling..
She forgot the kiss and everything else..
The moment passed and never came thence..

I wonder what could kill that rat..
Hit it on the head with a brick bat..
But all the plans i hatched fell flat..
When she adopted the creature and called me fat..

Now i sit and wonder what went wrong..
How did the tune change to my song..
All eggs in one one basket crushed to the ground..
I ponder when love will visit me next time round..


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