Blog me a Poem

Blogging is a funny thing to do

A way out of  routine and a nice break too

Total freedom to say the things you want

To rant, to speak out and to touch a million minds


The start is the easy part

You register, login and begin to talk real smart

Your thoughts pour out loud and clear

Matters of the heart, issues that are dear


The flow ebbs as time goes by

The million minds dont say hi

The posts waver and come to a halt

You start doubting if its your fault.


Getting attention isnt that easy

And the blogosphere isnt for the lazy

Churn out content night after day

And comment to others ,  have your say


The views will come, I promise you this

If your blog doesnt lose its fizz

So what are you waiting for, go write another post

Let out that thought, that poem, that crazy ghost.



In the Shadows i prosper..

I accept that i am a shadow reader , i rarely comment and often leave without so much as a “HI”.. The chance of anonymity, the ability to scrutinise someone at will (agreed that its only the parts they share) and then to mentally create a pciture filling in the holes urself, the utter freedom to come and go at will, the idea that you can get away with almost anything you type (unless one is really popular , brickbats are often not brandished).. Of course there is a lot of copying that goes along ,but consider it as yourself being qouted.

The people out there are amazing, i read everyone from 60 year olds to 18 year olds.. The amount of creativity is amazing.. The accomplishments are no small deal either.. There are movements happening online, ranging from spreading the word about household abuse to generally educating the world on safer ways to survive without killing the rest of the world.. There are awards galore, photographs of a thousand hues, from mobile clicks to professional clicks, photoshoped visions to sepia memories..
Sometimes i feel sorry for some of them, some i frankly dont understand..
Sometimes they surprise me with wit, some open up worlds that we seldom see..
Sometimes i wish i could write like them, some give me a complex..

Its amazing how much there is to read.. Social networking is fun but enter the blogosphere and u will see that there is much much more.. poking or pinching someone might not be possible here, but sometimes a comment gets unexpected replies.. It reminds you that there are people like you out there, some scarily so.. It shows u a lot more than the profile pic and the about me column.. It shows people as they are, as they want to be and as they aspire to be..

This is my silent salute.. A shadow stands in attention and gives bloggers what was long due.. You all rock, every single one of you (yes even the ones i dont read).

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