Shame on you, India

It breaks my heart to read about the Guwahati incident on the news. Then I follow the outcry over it, reading all I can and realize, the men are silent. I am not one to get on a soap box for the usual petty issues but calling Sexual Harassment petty is again something we have been trained to do. We are taught to turn our faces from stark, evil realities – the reason being that we can not do much about it. Sorry uncle, but not anymore.

This is my India. This is my country. No matter how vile  and corrupt you claim it to be, I love it still and wont take abuse against her anymore. We call India, our motherland, the earth is dhartimaa, the Ganges Ganga maa and then our politicians fight about which city is the rape capital of the country. We reserve seats for women, in buses, in trains, in colleges making them inferior on the one hand and superior on the other. Women are finally getting their place in the limelight and we push them down. We laud a female astronaut of Indian origin, using her to show an example of the woman of India. Then you go and strip a girl in public on caamera, showing the true colors of the Indian man.

I have objectified women, I accept it. Through school and 4 years of engineering when women were demarcated as a different species, I have ogled at them. Bangalore changed that for me, the freedom to interact with them, to sit with them without drawing stares, to drive them home without being the object of questions, to contest them face to face in debates and arguments, to enjoy silences together and to make the right kind of noises. This also happens in India. This is the India I love, no matter how much you call it an influence of westerners.

Now Guwahati has just ripped to shreds what little was left of the Male Indian Hero, let us get over the shitstorm of media that will discuss everything but what needs to be addressed. We need strong laws and stronger policing. Castrate the bastards that are guilty of rape,  not after years of courthouse drama but immediately. If a woman is felt up in your view, raise a voice. Make them, as Amit states here, carry a stone. I live in an Arab country and see women covered up and protected. They live a secluded life behind Abayas, their lives controlled by one man. I think of India and feel proud but now I wonder.

With Guwahati, we have outdone ourselves. We have taken India to the next level of lawlessness. Mothers, sisters please stay at home. Men, go grow some balls or as they say in Hindi “chudiyaan pehen lo”. As for the f***ers on cam, I am not likely to visit Assam anytime soon, but if ever our paths cross – I have a punch with ur faces on it.



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  1. Well written Tito, now the blame will be on girl , why did she come out alone in night. Nothing has changed since my childhood and I thought new generation with its knowledge will change its attitude.

    1. Indira ,

      Thanks for the reply. Please dont write off the whole of our generation from this incident. I agree that there is still a majority of us who are ignorant, who believe that having a penis makes them superior, who are fed by demons of religious or political tendencies. We are lead by a group who are in power because we play helpless, we act as if we dont care. That is our curse and slowly we are waking up from it. The dream run has ended for India and the nightmare is beginning. All for the better.

      1. Dear Tito, there are lots of nice people like you, but few miscreants spoil everything. If you accept that all are equal but different, and by different doesn’t mean they are enemy then everything will be okay. I still have hope from people like you, God bless you.

  2. Tito, was really chilled to the core and yet at the same time thinking, Ok, so what is new at all! Yes, your generation has a number of people who can stand up and have their voices counted, but what of those whose voices and actions become only those heard! Like that mob? Sigh. May your tribe increase. Though, at this moment, one does not see it happening.

    1. This is why I always think society needs to stop telling people to be humble. I am a nice guy and I am proud of it. But then saying it out loud (I just did) makes me arrogant. While rapist and sex addicts can go on TV and will be watched by millions. The problem lies in India’s need for Drama, in the addiction to TV.

      I can bet on it that this issue will be over at the next hint of a political scandal. That is the problem, low attention spans, a lot of noise and no action. This has been India for years and sadly thats the way it still moves forward

  3. It really doesn’t matter that a woman is covered or not ….women will be harrassed till we decide to get up and work on making our country safe and secure for everyone..and why just woman…today’s iNDIA is no body’s..tell me one person who is not on some powerful seat and feels safe or secure…what happened inGowhati is an extension of todays India’s atitude towards others and the way people choose to close their eyes than do something about the wrong

  4. Oh good, atleast some guy in the world is doing a post like you.! Recently read all kinds of crap on rape fantasies and post rape analysis of the indian male psyche after the guwhati incident.! i echo your sentiments for a castration punishment to go on board for rapists.!

    btw if interested you may read this and please try to sensitize your friends who make a joke outa rape.!

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