Just Another Back Bencher

Attention spans successively lower..
Each class goes by a litlle slower..
Maths , english and then some more..
As i wait and watch the open door..

Last benchers have their special place..
Static pixels in classroom space..
We hold the rest in awed silence..
When we decide to use our pens..

Teachers gave up a long time back..
Even the principal gives us slack..
Unheralded kings they were, they are..
Anybody who earns a back bench star..

Heres a secret i let u know..
We are smarter than we show..
The last bench isnt all that bad..
The view is better and more fun to be had..

Mischief hatched by us adds zest..
Bringing a smile to all the rest..
Ok, so we arent the teachers pet..
Well life isnt about that i’ll bet..

We stick through thick and thin together..
We are brothers, birds of a feather..
Its never boring at the back..
A million plans made by a wolf pack..

I am just another back bencher blowing my horn..
I like to be one, evening night and morn..
When we do make it big in the world..
I dont want to be called a nerd..

Teachers gave up on us a long time back..
Even the principal give us some slack..
As we sit at the back and happily see..
Everything is where its meant to be..


12 thoughts on “Just Another Back Bencher

Add yours

  1. Dude .. good going..as mentioned me aintin2 poetry..nevertheless gud one .. atleast can relate to it..

    about the others .. 2day is debut in bloggin 😉 .. so nothin much 2 say except u can prob lengthen da length uf da blog ..

  2. Ah so now i know why i like you so much..yay to the back benchers..its really very comfortable here…and the view as you rightly put is excellent in fact they should charge extra for the view itself….and the gossip and the small notes we write and pass and the extra time to do yeaterdays homework in class before the teacher calls our name….its heaven back there 😆
    well done Tito 🙂

      1. Oh i am a huge fan of back bench..use to day dream and escape from stupid physics and maths there and as a teacher too i respected the lot..we are a huge group i must add..can’t stop laughing over back benchers become bloggers..too good 😆

  3. Hey, I really liked that one. Back benchers are totally different from the rest of the class. They are safely away from the teacher’s threatening stare. They are sort of daredevils who “hold the rest in awe.” Yes, the view is much better. I was a middle bencher who envied the privileges of the back benchers and longed to be one.
    Beautifully expressed, Tito!

    1. I was a compulsive back bencher. 😀

      Was on the first bench only when teachers forced it on me for too much participation in extra curricular during classes. 😀

  4. Aha! Greetings from one back bencher to another 😀
    Compulsive one, during college, except perhaps the English Classes which I really enjoyed and permitted myself to get to the middle benches 😀
    And that is why I still love the back benchers 😀 :D. Alas, they have no choice in class, where one HAS to rotate places 😛 😛
    And so, to those who carry the back benchers’ so called privileges and whatevers 😀 Can spot them a mile off of course, having been there, done that 😛 😛
    Loved reading this all over again. Got more to catch up here. A morsel to savour at a time.

    Psst. Red ink. Correct the caps, on the subject names, and first person pronoun 😀 (Lol, couldn’t resist that one!)

    1. LOL, as you know this is a blast from the past. Straight out of orkut. So the corrections dont apply. Just like they didnt the first time 😛

      Rotation was something teachers invented too late. It worked for maybe 2 classes.

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