Prelude To a Classic Blockbuster..

Life has its little mysteries..
Long storylines and terrific climaxes..
We carefully trudge the boundaries..
Dancing to a tune and some remixes..

And over the coffee breaks i wonder..
Am i in a romantic comedy or a tragedy..
Or is this the prelude to a classic blockbuser..
My puzzling thoughts only time will remedy..

If its a romance i silently ponder..
Its almost interval and the heroine is missing..
Can it be a thriller i wonder?
Or is its just another one without meaning?

What if its a gangster movie i question..
But at 24 the gangs wont take me i guess..
And i am not made for high tension..
So that option too is amiss..

So what can it be i , what can it be?
No lady , no guns and no tension..
A comedy then it has to be..
No sense , no storyline and no direction..


4 thoughts on “Prelude To a Classic Blockbuster..

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  1. Befitting comparison. Well, as you said, you must wait patiently to realise what sort of a movie your life is. Let it not be “just another one without meaning”.
    “No lady , no guns and no tension..
    A comedy then it has to be..”
    Let it be a comedy with some sense. Storyline and direction are not inevitable.

    1. The direction seems to be finally getting its act in order, as for storyline, its amazing.. Always has been πŸ˜€

      Thank Bindu for the comment

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