Are you Married ?

Marriage is a funny affair

A promise  to have and to hold

An unsaid vow to care

A simple lie so beautifully told.


I would rather stay alone

Fight the forces that always nag

Get a dog like Luci, one my own

In solitude, in peace, I will lag


I dont need company when I am old

I dont want marriage to make the bloodline flow

I am not greedy for pots of gold

I like this life, a vision in my own kind of glow


My parents wont have to fight the daughter in law

My brothers wife wont have to compete for her share

I will bear this curse, this life of flaw

And the Dog will give me all the love and care


My old age wont be a pain of lonely nights

I wont miss someone I never had

I will travel the world on last minute flights

Be free, be funny, be stark raving mad.


Of  the dreams and hopes that I strongly hold

The twists of time seem not to care

As each hand in submission I slowly fold

This game, this life, is definitely not fair


Are you married they ask in mock

I am happily unmarried I tell them all

And as they gape in plain old shock

I walk away, happy until life’s next fall


11 thoughts on “Are you Married ?

Add yours

  1. So long as this is what you want
    About marraige, you may gently taunt
    Still one wonder if the bug of love may bite
    And if you were to give in without a fight
    To someone, other than someone like Luci
    (Shail, be careful, she’d go with him,maybe quiet easy 😛 😛 )
    Will you still say this
    And all the action miss?

    I wonder
    I ponder
    But surrender
    Lest I blunder
    For arguments you assunder
    With words like thunder
    And I’ll hafta look for something to duck under

    If this is what you really want 🙂 Bless you!
    You rhyme awesome!

    1. 😀
      Love has always been taunting me. One too many times. This time I wont fall, I wont let go that easy.
      And no action will be missed, for only a fellow traveler will make the cut

  2. Where was this poem when i was getting married :O
    you are happy and i am making my blood line flow..and pots of glod( i dont think anyone has that man)
    I am going to print it out frame it and present it to you on your wedding which BTW is going to happen no matter what you say cos the married forces will not rest till you become every bit as unhappy as we are 😆
    Its a fun poem ..loved it 🙂

      1. was fun to read the poem and the exchange that followed 🙂 – Good one, Tito!

        and i couldnt help but add on:
        ponder, debate, lash out
        and stay happy for real,
        notional or otherwise
        but this bug does come biting
        both the noob and the sagely wise!

        i remember, of yore – i did
        ramble, and stay happily or unhappily
        unmarried as you say..
        in it’s own time, it happened
        now there’s no looking away

        while it lasts enjoy now, for
        you will freak out, shake your head
        and then as quietly as ever
        and unannounced, if you may
        the arrow will pierce, will quiver!

        i do, i dont, i never will, forever shall
        and so many more there’s to say
        for now, we say cheers to the soul, single
        and for now, cuddle, say hello to the pets
        in some, you’ll mingle, we’ll chorus the jingle 😛

      2. Wow, nice to see this gets so many people to write in verse.. Thanks David.

        Guess thats all thats left to do, enjoy it while it lasts 😀

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