Blog me a Poem

Blogging is a funny thing to do

A way out of  routine and a nice break too

Total freedom to say the things you want

To rant, to speak out and to touch a million minds


The start is the easy part

You register, login and begin to talk real smart

Your thoughts pour out loud and clear

Matters of the heart, issues that are dear


The flow ebbs as time goes by

The million minds dont say hi

The posts waver and come to a halt

You start doubting if its your fault.


Getting attention isnt that easy

And the blogosphere isnt for the lazy

Churn out content night after day

And comment to others ,  have your say


The views will come, I promise you this

If your blog doesnt lose its fizz

So what are you waiting for, go write another post

Let out that thought, that poem, that crazy ghost.



16 thoughts on “Blog me a Poem

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  1. The flow ebbs as time goes by
    The million minds dont say hi
    The posts waver and come to a halt
    You start doubting if its your fault.

    Lolzz… sad story of a lot of blogs 😀 😀 Mine included… and then again the tide comes in, and the flow picks up… and urged by awesome bloggers like you, yes… a new blog post comes along!
    Let me go and write another post
    A sweet memory, a nostalgic ghost
    Awaits at the keyboard, to start clicking out
    And to it I attend, lest it quit, and begin to pout 😀

    Awesome poem, Tito 🙂 Charmed!

      1. Aww… cant I just enjoy it and forget about the red ink? Grrr…. 😀
        I got 54 papers to correct, and I take a break, a blog break :D, and you demand more red ink work. No fair 😦

        But sigh! If you insist 😀

        “And comment to others , have your say”
        Would sound better
        And comment on others’, have your say”

        Satisfied? 😛

  2. Tito what a marvelous post…oh man in the begining it was hey no body reading what do i do..and now what if next week i cant think of anything interesting to write….but when writing is passion nothing can stop…
    absolutely amazing poem on blog…

  3. You put it in a nutshell, rather verse 🙂 Sigh, these days it is just not so easy to get the next post or poem or thought out. But then who is complaining?! I am too busy playing with Luci. Some days back she thought she’d make a meal out of Chanakya’s Chant (Ashwini Sanghi) and I had to convince her to wait till I finished reading 😉 😛 Now I shudder to think what if she comes to know that I spend time with Miss Vaio? She might want to murder her. That will be the end of posts/thoughts/poems 😦 😉

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