In Her Eyes..



Can you see it in her Eyes ?

Does her face not give it away ?

Β Are words really needed on such a day ?

This is heaven, with hell to pay.


Hold her in this moment forever

Don’t break the spell, hold her nearer

Let the magic hold you in its sway

Have all of eternity in a day


Swing her in your arms to that silent tune

Kiss her tonight under the full new moon

Make it a night she cant forget

Make it a memory that never gathers dust..


13 thoughts on “In Her Eyes..

Add yours

  1. And let it softly hold
    In your heart, and hers
    Poignant, for it always
    Will be an eternity
    Before you can

    Hold her, this close
    In your memory.


    Tito, I dont know, but my heart felt weighed down.
    Touching verse.

  2. “This is heaven, with hell to pay.” –> beautiful combination of thoughts, emotions and imagery… makes for a perfect love poem! πŸ™‚

    here’s a toast to the muse that’s “coming”…

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