Welcome to India

When did being born become a crime ?

When did an education become a privilege ?

Who said love is punishable by death ?

Why does getting married to the person you love seem such a bad idea?

If divorces are allowed by law, why are people so afraid of the idea ?

Crazy and unbelievable as they may seem, this is reality. This is India. Welcome

Here, babies are killed, thrown into the gutter or a waste bin just because they were born female. Here, children, right from the moment they are able to walk start hard manual labour, making everything from match sticks to fire crackers, from washing dishes to watering plants, to feed themselves and their families. Education isnt an option for them. Oh yes, they have reservation, which often helps the already well off to save more money in sending their kids to the best colleges without any merit. Here, lovers are killed in the name of honour, often entire families coming together to massacre two poor souls who didnt nothing more than love each other. Here, marraiges are arranged, often like cricket matches are fixed, based on caste, status and bank balance of the families than on common interests or passions that might give the marraige a chance. Here divorcees are always at fault, blamed for bringing a bad mark to the family name, which somehow was untarnished by anything in ages. Here, women on the lowest strata of society are more likely to raise their voices against oppression than their richer sisters who were brought up to be submissive, bharatiya naris. Here engineering and MBBS are the only career options you have. Humanities and arts are for someone else. This is where our elected official watch porn in the assembly, while their cronies are throwing chairs at each other for legislation that never sees the light of day. The biggest bridges, the tallest towers are all made of second quality material, standing tall more on hope and prayers than any real, measurable quality. This is where such a rant can possibly ban my blog if Kapil Sibal has his way. But its still my country and I love it.

I love it because I am awesome friends with at least 4 women who left their husbands and are happy on their own. I love it because I have friends who chose alternate careers and are fledgling stars  in various fields, I love it because even now in spite of reservation merit shines through and gets what it deserves, I love it because love marriages do happen and both the bride and groom survive, I love it because I have  beautiful nieces by blood and by ties that are stronger who will grow up to see a better India, I love it because my friendly police man takes old photocopies from our hostel for his son to study, I love it because in spite of all of this there are voices that raise concern, there are blogs that still stand strong, there are people who care.


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  1. For all those zillions reasons I may wonder at my India
    As you say, I have millions, why I love her too.
    You’ve got to look at the good however little there may be, and slam the bad.
    You’ve got to hope, and hope hard, and raise a child,
    Who will believe it IS possible, no matter there are only a few lone voices.

    And because of young people like you , who believe, the nation is richer, her people are richer, for there IS concern. And it starts from there.

    Thank you Tito.

    Each year, in Class 10, I ask this question, So what are you all opting for in Class 11? Most of them want Science Stream. They mirror the resigned look I have. So, I ask, What is that YOU WANT to do? Confused looks – but obviously. Sometimes, even at this age, I’M confused. But they know what they are expected to do, and so. And then suddenly there is a breath of fresh air. A parent the other day said her daughter is determined to do Humanities. I almost jumped for joy! That parent is an ex colleague, a very good friend, and her daughter, I am told, wants to do English, at Grad Level. Joy. 😀

    And yet again, those who leave, after 12th, at last count 5 of them have gone on to do the Arts. Such such such pleasure, that they chose in tune with their heart. That is what finally I take away. For all those zillions, a few 10s, that is enough. It sustains hope.

    And, that, finally, is only a part of the hope I find. For now, I shall stop!
    I so loved this post, Tito. Very very much. Thanks again!

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