Not Really a Rebel

The rock and roll scene gets to all..
While some succeed, most do fall..
Across the globe, they pop out from nowhere..
Telling the world how they dont care..

The fans go crazy at these guys..
Yuppy kids with jeans hanging off thighs..
A tattoo and a guitar is all you need..
That and lyrics no one can read..

Its a wacky crazy life I hear..
There’s wine, women and wealth to spare..
Those kisses that they throw in the air..
Make hearts flutter of many a maiden fair..

But all good things come to an end..
Most of them end up lonely around the bend..
In the solitude of their golden years they lie..
Often in pain wishing to just die..

I got the tattoo but no guitar..
I dont have a voice or the funky car..
Guess the rebel in me must be content..
That I can afford the next months rent..


5 thoughts on “Not Really a Rebel

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  1. I dont got no funny, evil tattoo, but got me many a scar
    And nuthin’ fancy, or upmarket,jus’ an ol’ Maruti Car 😛

    Me clothes stay on, no jeans fallin off me thigs,
    I’m cool, I’m zany, I’m weird, I find my own highs 😀

    And yes, I got me a voice, the best that I own
    That, to you, may sound nuthin’ more than a drone…

    But boy oh boy, the music I make in me head
    Well, you gotta hear, or maybe not, cuz you might get dead 😛

    Tito, I loved this. More so because i deal with rebels on a daily basis and have a fondness for them, recognizing a part of self, in them, or rather them, in me 😀
    But yes, realities, how we ignore them! And to what cost!! But would one rather have that guitar or rent to pay… it all depends, does it not? As always… 🙂

    1. Usha maam, very frankly I would have the guitar any day.. If only i were so talented.

      Jack of all trades, master of none – I am above average but not really exceptional.
      Though i make people think I am 😀 Perceptions make a world of difference

      And you replying with a poem brings back such fun memories of Ah ! Poetry..

      1. Oh it certainly does… what with all the blog hopping and connecting with some old friends I’m beginning to get that feeling again, of wanting to just go nonstopcrazy 😀 with silly chrymes 😀
        Thank you!

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