Another 55er.. Hope this one makes the cut

They met on a train to the garden city

Random strangers on a common journey

Mesmerized was he, she was uncommonly pretty

The introductions were wary, the smiles genuine but shy

The conversation engaging, time flew by

When they got down, he helped her down the steps

He didn’t let go, she hasn’t complained yet.


Marie fromΒΒ thinks the narrative elements were missing from the previous one here.

This one should fix that I hope.



10 thoughts on “Another 55er.. Hope this one makes the cut

Add yours

    1. Wheres the Red ink ?

      Thank you. Prose cannot be poetry ? (This is where you confuse the poor kids ) πŸ˜›

      But yeah it somehow came together beautifully

      1. πŸ˜›
        ” Rhetorical questions in the negative ” – If the kids can understand that by the time they pass out, they are blessed.
        I am glad I had good teachers, but being yours might have been legendary…

  1. Hellfire, damnation and rhetoric (not to mention “bloody” in two places in the lessons) are what we deal with in 10th. Have you read “snake” – D H Lawrence’s? And Mark Antony’s speech, full of rhetoric; and Rime of the Ancient Mariner?
    Lol. No, dont worry I’m not going to start here too. If, as you say, they can… I ‘d be stunned too, not to mention blessed πŸ™‚ My teacher were way beyond legendary.
    I was a science student till Pre Univ. II year (equivalent to Class XII). After one week of B.Sc. I switched over to ARts. Speaks for itself, my lecturers’ and my teachers’ inspiration πŸ™‚
    End of memoir quoting πŸ˜€

    1. πŸ˜€
      I never switched streams but that made me all the more popular for word play all through college and PG. So no complaints. And no I havent read any of those. Have you just dished out home work to me ?

      1. A reading assignment is never considered too much work..
        Have read the Mark Antony speech, realized when I googled it. Read the Rime too..
        So gimme more πŸ˜€

  2. I scrolled down to ‘Leave a Reply’ but after going through the amusing teacher-student exchanges I started wondering: What was, 1. the post, 2. my comment?
    Won’t let that prevent me from commenting. I went back all the way to re-read and to say:
    Cute and simple poem. Happily ever after!

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