A Walk

Lets just take a walk, you and me

A stroll around that park, of all others free

You can hold my hand like that just above the elbow

Lean on my shoulder and match step for step


Lets talk of things we thought we had forgotten

of things we want to forget and of things we never can

Lets talk as if to ourselves but only somehow better

Lets share this space, this moment, this heartbeat


Lets leave what needs no telling unsaid

Lets not wonder of where it will all go to in the end

Lets forget time and promises and all else that isn’t you or me

Lets take a walk, just you and me


9 thoughts on “A Walk

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  1. “Lets talk as if to ourselves but only somehow better”
    I dont know why, but this line calls out to me. It is like this, when one feels alone in a crowd, or, in contrast, with someone who is you, a soulmate. Strange.
    Underscore what Soma says too… There is an unfamiliar gentleness about the whole poem 🙂

    1. I wonder if you have ever given a negative comment to a student ever.. Tell me what was crappy about it.. Boosting my ego is not a good idea 😛

      1. Why would you want to hear crappy things, when someone wants to see the good that is there? If the grammar was weird, or if there was an image/ imagery that seemed out of sync, I’d message you. I feel that I cannot, because of what I write (which,a t best, in my opinion, is just some stuff 😛 ), ever presume to tell another anything but what I found appealing.
        That’s me 😀
        And yes, I do give suggestions, and lambaste in red ink, if they happen to fail to understand simple instructions – not their grammar or their ideas 🙂 Lol.

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