Author Unknown..

Courtesy: Chandni

BoHeMiAn RhApSoDy

The following belongs to “About me”. If there was ever a piece I could relate to, completely, its this. Just that I haven’t written it. And I don’t even know who has…all I know is I’ve had it on me for a long long time.It’s a tad long but read it. Trust me.

We lost ourselves the day we were born

Since then the search began

To find those of our family

We were confused

For we were given a family of birth

We had friends from our situation

In this funny place called “society”

We travelled

And felt the semblance of the primeval sensation of life

We wondered why we felt at home on the road

We were made to believe we were a little strange

For how many stay away from “home” for so long?

How many become the rebels we did?

We wandered on empty streets in…

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