Self Preservation

Self preservation, its a term i heard a long long while ago.. It was something new to me, or so i thought.. But now looking back i am guilty of it and have been for quite a while.. To people who are unfamiliar with the term- it more or less means ” protecting ones self from pain/injury/sadness by any and all means necessary”.. Come to think of it , most people do it.. We bury memories which we are not proud of.. We take decisions that will save our skins.. We refuse to accept responsibility as long as it isn’t absolutely necessary..

I am on that mode as of now, and have decided that its safer that way.. Keeping your expectations lower, and removing all expectations people have on you is relieving.. It might mean a few awkward silences, a little pain for now, but in the long run people tend to forgive and forget.. Who we are now is just a shadow in the mosaic of our lives, a chapter in a story (a short chapter at that).. Lives will go on , people will move on.. Sometimes i wish for Harry potters invisibility cloak, for out of sight is often out of mind..


PS: This post was written a few years ago. Sharing this now, just to kind of get closure.


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