A Good Man

” You are not a bad man, its just that you are not really good” – from the movie Matchstick Men..

This line from the movie somehow , somewhere in the deep dark recesses within me let something free.  I had always wondered why people always considered me a nice guy (point to be noted: Never had anybody call me a good man.)

I always thought guys like me were a dime a dozen and am slowly realizing thats not entirely true. So i looked around to find what was it that made women think i was any better than the average Joe. The amazing findings (with no statistical proof whatsoever) are the following. I still havent decided if I can gloat about it or need to fix them.

The reason for the same being that I cloak the abnormal better. I can fake a smile and show enthusiasm at things that i dont care about in the least. Plus after the accident, my already good listening skills went up a notch and it now borders on pretty awesome.

My memory sucks, i mean i cant remember faces or names from a childhood that was pretty damn awesome. I play along for the most part nodding my head  as the stories come along, painting vivid pictures in my mind, turning what was already pretty awesome into something legen- ” wait for it ” –  dary.

I cant say no to women (there I admit it) and whenever I do, i cringe inside feeling useless and so the constant saying Yes and then getting things done makes me pretty handy to have around.

I can write better(not speak better) than most of my friends ( in the casual unofficial manner like this blog ) and it impresses most people i meet. I rhyme on demand and i still cant figure out why that is so incredible.

The thing is there are a lot of guys like me out there and it is not a dying kind either. But women dont see most of them i guess.

To sum it all up, Men – do something about it (move out of the comfy chairs at home drinking beer with buddies and be a lil more active. Bathe and shave first please ). Women (there are quite a lot of these guys around, if you really like nice guys – go find them). Tito – You just exposed something you are going to dearly regret and could end up ruining the above said reputation. Good luck with that !!!



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