2011 – Bloody Awesome

2011- formed my own company with friends for partners, tried to run it and failed miserably, found friends that stood by me, visited Sri Lanka, lost more money than I can afford on the stock market, moved to Doha, fell in love with a girl I have met but never known, had to move on.. Was best man at my best friends wedding, drank myself to auto pilot mode, slapped a guy, fell asleep in the bathroom, spent 2 days without phone or internet in Coorg, started to like cats thanks to a spectacular male of the species, went to a Xmas sale, donated cookies to animal welfare, missed a flight to spend time with brother and cousin, had turtles for pets, celebrated biggest birthday bash ever, saw India win the World Cup, got 2 free cases of beer from Fosters. Had a road trip to Pondy, came back from Mahabalipuram, Drank till 6 in the morning, walked out and was pulled back in for “Otteorrenumkoode”, played poker and black jack in a real life casino, played poker, 3 patti and rummy with friends, made my own style of biriyani, watched a live performance inside one of the hugest malls in India, slept in a movie theatre, hugged a crying friend, got my shirt torn on Holi, kissed in the rain, was involved in an almost bar-fight, cycled again after ages, sold chai in a bakery and almost got bit by a dog..

Won a competition on facebook and got an author signed copy of “Life is What You Make it” by Preeti Shenoy..

Pack so much into 1 year.. Bloody Awesome I think..


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