To Kapil Sibal & to various supporters..

I know that i am a pretty low key blogger with an almost invisible presence but sometimes, just sometimes, some actions ask for an outcry and since I am no longer in India with my usual captive audience of roomies, this blog is going to become alive again.

I had read about Mr. Sibal’s vow here and laughed at it and thought it will pass. I loved some of the reactions across the blogosphere, particularly by aamjanata here ( Thanks Usha Chechi for the share on fb). Then I read the honorable ministers reaction here. CAnt help but reach now.

Just for the heck of it, I am going to use language that definitely is going to make it very very provocative and hopefully objectionable.

1. Mr. Sibal, Go fug yourself. If we ever meet in person, I would love to say that with perfect diction. But then you have the right to control that from ever happenng.

2. I am Indian, have a passport and a PAN card to prove it. But I am typing this from outside our borders. So your rules need to be very specific. Can I, a non-resident Indian of no particular political bias, use language like “Ghanta”, ” Laura”, etc.. etc.. on my blog when those words cant actually be blocked or ever screened from my blog. In fact I could write a whole lot of lines in Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil all in this one post making your bright idea a dud. For eg: Saale, ninte thullal ente oru mair tak nahi illakaan pattula.

3. If you cant get a song like ” Bhag D K Bose D K Bose ” censored. A new one even says Jhak maar ke and is gaining on the charts. What the hell can you do about Social Networking ? The internet and Social Networking is successful today on the idea of immediate, real time updation of information. By the time you block this entry at least a couple of my regulars will have read it. They might even move to aamjanata’s more serious open letter. You are screwed.

4. Accept defeat. Google and FB already do their job pretty well, weeding out the worst and also keeping the internet way better than our Indian roads ( We wont find someone holding his d*ck openly peeing on a wall in public).

5.  All you m*therf*cking politicians are wasting precious time and money on nonsensical ideas like this and India is losing its patience. Ask Mr. Pawar.

6. This post is my very personal opinion and frankly you can do jack sh*t to stop me. I dont hate you, I pity you and i feel sorry for India. I feel ashamed to call you an educated Indian minister.

7. Lastly, if you didnt follow step 1. Go fug urself now.



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