Chammak Challo – III

Our lady CC has not stopped her antics and still finds a way to remind us all of the small things that make life so interesting..

A few years ago, in the famous Anand theatre in Hyderabad, our very own CC joined me and the gang for a movie (Tashan on the irst show on Saturday).. True to her gender tradition she was late by a nice half hour, walking in she found a seat next to Vermaji, a true delhiite. Vermaji never guessed when he woke up that he was gonna end up in a movie hall with CC. Late as she was, Tashan being the movie it is nothing was lost. But CC is not one to let a story go by, so she started asking Vermaji very innocently her typical questions. ” Yeh Kaun hai ?” ( Who is this ?) ” Yeh kya ho raha hai ? ( Wats happening now ? ) ” Aise kaise ho sakta hai ? ” ( How can that happen ?). Kindly note that the movie was well beyond any understanding for all of us and there was nothing to be figured out based on what she missed.  But Vermaji dutifully answered all questions from a random stranger for the rest of the movie, walked out with a very happy CC and then vowed to never watch a movie with her again.

Then a few months later, CC got to know that Varmaji has vowed eternal distance from any movie theatre she is in. Non believer that she is, she walks up to Vermaji and he denies any such thing ever happening. Another movie is planned together and on the promised day both of them show up on time very much the best of friends. For the gang just watching Vermaji try to not squirm when her voice sounded was enough of a treat and the movie “Oye Lucky Lucky Oye” turned out to be more fun than anyone else in the world.

CC still is trying to figure out why we all laugh so hard when Vermaji is near her. Vermaji still tries to figure out how can he can tell her shes very irritating in a movie hall without breaking her heart.

While the two of them are miles apart now, heres hoping we all get together to see another movie someday, somewhere.


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