About Love..

I have written quite a few posts about this topic.. but then since politics isnt actually my area of interest and cricket isnt my favorite game i find myself returning to it again and again and again…

but this one is for those people who actually are on the wrong side of love.. This is for all those people who loved and werent loved back.. For the ones that like me have once or more than once fallen into the one-sided-love category.. no one of the said group(its actually a clan but we cant give out the name) actually tells their stories.. They are the majority but no one actually listens.. They are the lot that believes in the immense promises of love but never could really experience it.. today i speak for them..

If u ever come across a person and somehow realise that they are part of the clan , please dont tease him/her, it just is the way they are.. they see signals where none exist.. they see invisible signs that were never actually executed or invented, and they are happy in the sidelines.. it isnt coz they aren’t smart, or good looking or for that matter arrogant.. They are just too shy, too uncertain or too scared to profess it..Sometimes its not any of the above but something else that keeps them from shouting it from the rooftops.. Eventually some of them actually do and even then it doesnt work out.. It just proves the one thing that they always believed in that ” Love is not only blind but as cruel as Cinderella’s step mom”.

There are a lot of people on this side of the great divide, some by choice , some by fate.. And none of them enjoy it.. It isnt easy to smile and grin at the person u love , are crazy about or cant totally live without, one half hoping that the object of their desire wont see it their eyes and then ridicule it and the other hoping that they will and accept it.. As an answer to the earlier question posted on this blog, one of the very few times a smile actually reaches the eyes is in the above said cases.. Of course , most often the grin is recognized but what the eyes say remains unseen..

This is my salute, my open admiration for the ones that take the plunge and my empathy for the ones that like me were left behind..


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