You Never get Over it

Being back in Bangalore is as close as I ever get to being home.. I love this city.. It has numerous memories, some good, a few bad and it has a lot of friends, both new and old.

The one thing about Bangalore I admire the most is the number of people that fall in love. It opens you up to new possibilities, new opportunities and gives you that confidence to take things head on – the reason i think people find love here.

I have had my share of crushes, infatuations and the closest ever i got to love ever from this city. But its basic math, that with so many people falling in love, some are not caught by their perceived other half. The city has its share of love stories and marriages gone awry, and I see so many, men and women, trying to get over it. Some do it fast, simply accepting realities and keep moving, some stop believing in love, the idea loses its sheen, and some wallow in a pool of self pity, changing overnight to be someone they are not.

The truth is you never get over it, love happens and it will leave its scars. Even if you mend a broken heart its never the same. You dont get over a person that you love, you get used to the idea of their absence. You learn to live with it, the wound heals in time , depending on the amount of alcohol you can handle if you drink, the friends by your side and what steps you take.

Every relationship teaches you something, sometimes in simple easy ways but more often in harsh brutality. The old saying that it makes you stronger is a load of crap, it makes you more wary, more cautious maybe, but don’t ever let that make you stop believing in love. Oh and for the young ones that might end up here by mistake, dont fall in love with the idea of love. That makes the whole idea discussed above pointless..


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