Suit Up ! Its gonna be Legendary !!!

Its a well known fact among my wide and narrow friends list that i am no cricket fan. I dont know who holds what records and which team to support for the IPL.

I have been silently been a bystander for most of the ongoing matches in the World Cup because ” Frankly my Dear , I dont give a Damn”. But being Indian and living amongst the most vocal supporters of the game, i cant help but sit up and take notice now that India is in the semis.

And a Semi – Final against our age old rival across the border Pakistan. I hereby repeat my oft repeated statement that i know a few pakistanis and have found them to be very level headed and friendly. Actually very difficult to recognise the differences between them and us if they are not six feet tall and dont mention their surnames.

But coming back to the game. An India – Pakistan match is the epitome of media created frenzy. Women who care even less than me about cricket are glued to the nitty gritty details suddenly, colleges are considering a leave and companies are going to suffer from record absenteeism.

Apparently Chandigarh airport is full of private jets and low cost carriers are selling tickets at four times the normal rates. Match tickets are selling at double or triple in black. Consumerism is on its high.

The match itself is going to be Awesome and Legen- wait for it – dary (in the words of the now famous Barney Stinson). Shahid Afridi being the highest wicket taker must be praying real hard that Sehwag and Sachin dont make a mockery of him. Yuvraj will be looking to make the most of his long waited and new found return to form.

Its true that the World Cup is the best present the Indian team and the country can give that God among Mortals, Sachin Tendulkar. A century against Pak bringing on 100 international total would be awesome. Bring back Yusuf Pathan into the team and let him also have a go at our brothers from another mother.

I am and always will be a Football fan rooting more for Arsenal (Go Gunners ) than Royal Challengers but this one time i am totally and completely willing to be painted blue for the team that a billion hearts supports.

Go get them India, this time lets go all the way..

Pakistan, here we come…


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