Review – Ali Baba Cafe & Restaurant

Ali Baba Cafe in Fraser Town was a surprise find for me last week. Bored as usual, i pestered my room mate into going out for a drive and one thing led to another and we ended up in Ali Baba Cafe at around 9p.m.

The first thing one notices on entry is the distinct Arab artifacts and paintings on the red walls. The first floor which is the restaurant has a very well thought out seating arrangement and makes a person feel at home almost immediately.

The service is pretty standard for a medium sized restaurant but it is when it comes to discussing the menu that they excel. For Ali Baba serves something unique to Bangalore with its Bhatkal Cuisine. I was first vary and then pleasantly surprised by the flavours that were served up in front of me. Everything from the dishes to the spoons, from the tea pot to the handis shows the amount of thought that was went into the design.

For those still not convinced, just go and try the Bhatkali Biriyani and trust me you will become instant fans. The kebabs all have different names than usually seen in the restaurants that dot Bangalore, so go ahead and experiment.

Dont forget to finish off your dinner or snacks with their Persian Tea (its moroccan tea as in the menu).

If you are not a foodie like me, then go to Ali Baba for its Sheesha’s. The shamiana on the second floor itself deserves special mention. The colorful and elegant Sheeshas that they serve that mesmerizing pass time of the Gods are more than their moneys worth. Have a hookah sipping some Persian Tea and you will get a glimpse of how it really is to be done.

So finally for the rating: I give Ali Baba cafe & restaurant 4.5/5 overall and recommend it whole heartedly to anyone who loves his meat and likes exploring the varied sights Bangalore has to offer.


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    1. Alibaba is definitely superb…Bhatkali cuisine that they dish out lets you experience something completely different. Was quite a regular at the restaurant while I was in B’lore…Everyone needs to check this place out, do try the kukdi maas and the persian tea at the end of the meal. Their vermicelli biryani is also something completely different and awesome. And this best part is that its very affordable and reasonably priced.

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