An Ode to You – III

This is pretty much the last one of this series or so i hope. I know the obvious reactions that there should be more than three but lets just say this is it. This is the last one because nothing else will come ever as close to a fairy tale ending as this one. And also because i am the one who screwed it up.

Words fail me when i think of you..

The one that didnt get her rightful due..

Call me a coward, call me any name u find right..

I am sorry i didnt put up a bigger fight..

I survived that crash to find you by my side..

I took you along wanting you every mile of the ride..

But when things went out of hand and you were out of sight..

I thought it unfair making you share my plight..

We are best apart in our separate worlds and thoughts..

But yes more often than not a memory comes afloat..

Of times that were ours alone from the rest of the universe..

A lifetime in a passing moment, of eternity a small doze..


Thats the closest i can come to sorry. Hope if you ever read this you do understand..


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