Alpha and Omega

Its been too long this blog has been sidelined to almost anonymity and now since i am jobless and bored in my beloved city, some places and sights bring back fond memories..

But as always forget the memories and lets talk of things in general..

First things first, please consider this my public apology for any ghastly, idiotic, crazy or inconsiderate mistakes on my part, both intentional and unintentional, for all of the last year and the one before that and the one before that and so on..

Secondly, i wish everyone a Wonderful New Year and the best that life in its many mysterious ways has to offer.

Now that the general chit chat is taken care of can someone tell me whats the point of keeping on blogging when apparently i have too few readers and my original plans of writing a book later on and earning money thru google apparently isnt going to be turning true..

On the update sort of mode, lets just say that i have jumped into the entrepreneurial bandwagon and since have done nothing of value in any sort. (Theres great freedom in telling people that u are planning something or in the process of setting it up.) Thanks to more committed partners/ friends the said projects might see light of day in the first month of the new year.

New beginnings, new dreams and new hopes for the new year and a pretty uneventful 2009 has brought my life to something close to normalcy and it gives a sense of relief.

So as always i sign out with enough food for thought and wishing everyone once again a Happy Prosperous Fabulous New Year


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