An Ode to You = II

This is for the one lady who i considered was too good for me and yet fell for me ..


Ours was a funny tale..

Pretty much predestined to fail..

But i couldnt resist that smile..

That kiss, the curly hair you straigten all the while..


I was just a nice guy was what i thought..

Apparently such are to you  in drought..

My poem is funny and kinda stupid..

But in our case so was cupid..


I let go too easily you feel,

But theres more to that deal,

Someday i hope you’ll ask me why..

And i let let you know what in me went by..


I still adore and hold you dear..

Memories of hugs and kisses and hidden fears..

But as i see you change the world..

I am glad i didnt tighten the hold..


For you are yet to know what you are..

The things you do i admire from far..

And i smile and tell myself once in a while..

“That girl loved me and for me had a special smile..”


To the curious lot that wants to know, forget it.. For the smart ones that know who it is, shut it.. For the one who i wrote it to, when you read this –  smile that smile..


2 thoughts on “An Ode to You = II

Add yours

  1. da… nice to see u write again… n really glad that u r putting down ur thoughts here…there r lots of things to unfold before you.. just wait 4 the time…

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