Food for thought !!!

I dont know how many of my readers have read Douglas Adams, author of the Hitchhiker series.. I did almost 2 years i first read the name of the book on orkut.. It was called a bible by an atheist.. I didnt know what the person meant at that time.. I read not just one but all five of the hitchhiker series and loved all of them.. The books hold no particular moral, they dont exalt any philosophy, they make fun of most pretences that people call life and are hilarious mostly.. The funny thing is even in all the madness, the man has very cleverly weaved in bits of wisdom..

While most people will remeber the line “dont leave home without a towel”.. For me the funny truth is the books are now eternally tied to the one that got away..

I have a few random thoughts that follow just coz i am not sleepy and my roomie doesnt feel like talking at 2 in the night…


1. Why do all people find the idea of a sudden adventure so enticing.. i mean u are not really drunk or high but u are somehow willing to throw caution to the wind and make that trip to someplace closeby in the middle of the night.. ?

2. Does anybody else in my age group realize we are the last of our kind.. By the time we have kids, marriages might not exist, arranged marriages would be so rare they will be extra special and we might never ever have a chance to tell our kids that there are some lessons you need to learn from us.. they wont have the time..

3. Our generation has been called a non thinking generation coz we are continuosly on the phone or on the net or watching tv.. We are the middle children without any rebellion, any great wars or depressions and growing older faster coz technology is so far advanced..

4. We might be the last ones to have fresh food in stores, soon everything is gonna be frozen or the heat and eat variety..

5. When will women stop watching soaps and finally understand football (or cricket) ?


Food for thought people..


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