A New Bangalore and Some Revelations

Being back in Bangalore feels great but being reminded over and over that the city has changed is kinda freaky.. Over the last fortnight, i have met very happily gay and proud guys, an always improving standard of beautiful women and more coffee shops than anything else. The funny thing is they are all full.

The people seem as always very welcoming, the auto drivers as usual impossibly conniving and friends as always late. The drizzlings rains add that hint of romanticism to most souls around and everything feels right.

But as always reality hits u in the face, i read of 15 year olds being stabbed to death over pigeon races, unbeleivable prices at the latest hotspot in town and the fact that commercial street is somehow a lot more expensive than it once was.

But more than anything else i hear repeatedly of young girls being beaten up by their so called boyfriends. I met one such girl a couple of days back and it evokes a wide range of emotions. An anger so dangerous i still dont know if i’ll end up kicking this total strangers butt, disbelief at how a girl could take so much and still forgive him, some more of the same when the guy thinks he can get away with it by saying sorry, an unfamiliar pride that i have brothers, cousins and friends actually think he should be castrated and a long lost feeling of concern for a total stranger.

I mean i am a big supporter for the PETA cause but i always thought educated women could always take care of themselves. I stand corrected. I see a new side of women which i wasnt aware existed. A total almost blind devotion to the person you love (no marriage yet remember). I had failed to understand it earlier i guess, maybe because i was too close to see things objectively. Here it was crystal clear that this young lady was head over heels for a guy that didnt deserve it. And she still blames herself for some of it.

To all the women i have met, i salute your undying spirit to move forward against all odds, to try and keep a relationship alive surviving  mental, emotional and physical abuses. I salute you for what you achieve in spite of all that and i salute your humility. Suddenly i have a liking to the women who step forward, to those who claim what they deserve and walk as if men are below them.

To Men, mostly the young ones wh0 believe the world is their oyster, you are up for a surprise and sooner or later you are gonna get your ass kicked, by life and if you are not careful by the woman you love or pretend to.

Come to think of it, if you believe the bible arent women like the beta version of the first version of human beings called Man – Food for thought !!


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