An Ode to You

The memories play a funny game on me again..

I see what once was and sigh in pain..

Closure i seek in different ways..

But somehow of you theres always a trace..

You are the one girl i couldnt bear without..

The smile, the frown and that lovely pout..

I still remember the never ending hugs outside your gate..

I still call what we had a flicker of fate..

I have looked for you in every other face..

Every smile, every frown, every gaze..

I have missed you more than i can ever say..

And i hope i get over it one day..

This is my ode to you, the one that got away..

The one that hugged me like there was nothing but today..

The one i still wonder about the most on rainy afternoons..

The one i yearned for over many moons…

As most of you already know most of my romantic mishaps and madness, this is the first of many poems i intent to write dedicated to the few women who i think loved me as much or more than i loved them.. Each one is special and there is no particular order here..


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