Bangalore Dairies -1

Being back in blore has always been sort of homecoming… 3 Days in the city and i am still high.

There is always someone around when u need them and always something to do.. I have already slept all the way to Nandi hills and back passed out cold, danced with some very pretty women i have never met and drank more alcohol in 3 days than i did in the last 1 year..

Now lets just hope and pray that i do the things i plan to do successfully and slowly and steadily get my act together. Somehow time has a way of catching up with people reminding them that you have to go forward. More responsibilities and more independence is looming right in front of me and the sight is scary. Living the life you want to and proving some things right and wrong sounds a lot easier on paper.

Anyways i am back in blore and somehow everything seems to be in place for now.. The weather has been swinging moods, the roads are still bad, the drivers still crazy, the people lovely and the memories flooding back.. Heres to Bangalore and to its lovely people.. Cheers !!!


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