The Migration Ends..

I have always for a very long time wondered about the innate need of Indian Men and Women to fly the nest.. That dream to move to a foriegn country and make it their own.. To be “Settled” in terms defined by their neighbours in a village back home.

I was coaxed and coerced and finally fated to make that flight. On Nov 19, 2009, i decided to try my luck at it. Born into that most migratory of indian races , Malayalee, my destination was predetermined almost 15 years ago when my dad decided to pitch his tent in Doha , Qatar. So here i was, 2 years of corporate experience under my belt and still fresh from wounds to the physical and the emotional planes of my life, looking for a break, a change and hopefully something i could finally be part of.

Frankly i am dissapointed. The so called Persian Gulf holds a lot of promises for a lot of people. These people are the ones that have their lives planned out and live on a time line. The guys who know their first job, their first car, their first house and sometimes even their first and only wife by the time they are 15. Or for the ones that just need the money. For there is money here , loads of it. I can easily earn over 1 lakh INR a month here as a start and save over half of it. I just dont choose to.

I would prefer making a very decent amount of money that gets me through the month as it comes and leave me enough for the odd purchases when i need them.

As this particular migratory bird decides India is the only place he will live in, life suddenly has a lot of gaps that need filling. I am going on sabbatical my beloved readers. I am going to spend the next 3 months trying to figure out what i want to do, what i can do and how i will i do it.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Proposals for anything but marriage will also be entertained and i look forward to meeting you all, old friends and new, sooner or later.


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