The down side of Social Networking sites!!!

Being an ardent fan of the social networking revolution and always glad to peek into parts of lives of all those people we tend to wrap around us calling them our friends, i am slowly getting pissed of with it.

There are advantages i agree, especially when u want a message passed immediately to a million others.. but sometimes the one person you never ever can forget keeps coming up and u dont have it in you to rip them out..

You keep them in the list to check how they are moving on (even long after they have moved to different countries and are making something of their lives), and are never able to take them off. Somehow the delete button never gets clicked even if you get to it..

I dont want people reading this but since my blog has finally died and my readers are long gone, i take this risk. If you do get to reading this (yes , you the one i end up talking about most , even after all these years), ignore it , ur expertise for once will be appreciated.


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