Randomness -1

Keeping your cool takes effort.. I mean i know guys who never get angry.. I do.. I am far far better from what i once was.. I dont fly off the handle and start shouting/fighting at the drop of a pin but i still get royally pissed off once in a while and i try and keep my big mouth shut then..  It often during one of those times that you read me either lashing out at society or at the rest of the world.. Thats just the way i am..

Now coming to todays pet peeve, how does anyone see anything entertaining on TV.. I can hardly stand more than half an hour of the idiot box and that too when one of my favorite sitcoms are on.. I cant sit through a whole movie thanx to the zillion ads they play.. Nowadays i cant even sit through a cricket match.. Which brings me to the question that do we turn less and less patriotic till we turn sixty or something and then once we have nothing to do again start doing/ berating things around us.. ?

Human beings are the only creatures that can smile apparently though i can bet i have seen a few real ugly cats smile (feline superiority).. I wonder if theres enough smiles doing the rounds.. If laughter is the best medicine i got a few people around that everyone should meet.. They can actually laugh on demand and often have set and broken their own records at it.. So yeah, i get my daily dose..

Fooling around and being foolish are two different things.. I realised that thanks to the abovesaid friends, these guys are not intellectually lacking but enjoy their time of and crack up any company they are in.. They are not the jokers in the pack and it is effortless , i envy them sometimes for their obvious lack of any bias to the quality of the jokes..

As you all will have guessed by now this post has no real beggining and is ending as it started in randomness.. Guess my blog is a lot like me in that way..  It reflects my moods without actually telling you what is going on..

Have fun , you are already a month into the New Year so am hoping your resolutions have all been broken.. To the ones still fighting , all the best.. You know what you are missing, it just about how bad you need it..


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