Scribblings- Ted Mosby & Waiting..

Ted Mosby, Architect. I dont know how many of you have even heard of him. To the uninitiated Ted is the protagonist of the sitcom on Star World ” How i met your mother”. Its hilarious, and anyone who doesnt compare every sitcom with Friends will enjoy it. This post though is not about Ted or the Sitcom. This post is more on the lines of a single dialogue that Ted says half way through the first season, ” Right now, the roof seems to be as good a place as any other.” He is hoping to meet a girl he had met three years ago at a halloween party becuase he felt he had a connect. By the end of the episode he accepts that he didnt really expect her to turn up. But it seemed the right place to wait for the right woman.

 Its amazing how much men actually keep hidden inside until the right woman comes across. And how long we can wait, in our cynical, macho , rugged masks. Every one needs love, there i said it. Some more than others , more at some times than other times, sometimes from a friend , sometimes from a lover , sometimes a parent, sometimes from a child. When a guy looks for the lady to spend his life with, he expects her to fill all these roles at different times. Because sooner or later the above said instances are going to come along when the only one around is the girl.

Whats my point? Well nothing really , am typing in a thought hoping that it will make sense to some of u sooner or later. Plus, online seems as good as a place as any to wait. 😀


One thought on “Scribblings- Ted Mosby & Waiting..

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  1. finally some man is admitting to the fact that when it comes to the final true love, men become tame… and yea man online is a great place… i meat most of my “men” there…lol….

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