As the Dust Settles…

The new years is probably here by the time you my readers get to this blog.. But instead of making empty promises (also called resolutions to self) i am going to take stock.. Not of my life as is the fad these days.. My life is just fine and i dont need that out in public more than it already is ( those of you who are reading into it, go ahead)

Taking stock of the world as a whole, there isnt much left of it with banks going bust, people going broke and the big mean machines getting a shot in the arm while they should have been wiped off the earth. We are slowly but surely heading to total doom (if this sets of a panic attack , dont worry its not gonna happen in your lifetime).. On the bright side companies are going green or advertising it, real estate prices are falling , petrol prices are falling and air travel is cheaper (so if u ever wanted to take that road trip or make a foriegn tour nows the time, your job might not be here when u get back but then its a new year, and that sounds promising doesnt it)

Coming to India, oh India, My India.. We are on the all the right maps, in all the best circles and even on the moon (Chandrayaan people). We have finally won a gold medal at the Olympics (1 gold for a billion – bahut nainsaafi hai). And just as we were sitting back and basking in glory, we were attacked.

Now this is where i digress a little. I have sat and heard the innumerous rants and ravings about why, who and whats that surrounded the issue. I believe that as always we have done what we are best at. Raise a hue and cry, beat up a few people, sling a little mud, hurl unparlimetary names at the government and then let the dust settle. We are a nation of people who are just a little too docile and proud about it. We should be ashamed that anyone and everyone can walk in uninvited, plant a bomb and walk out. It doesnt really matter who they are. They were pakis is secondary. It could have been anyone, think about it, they had a reason that was stupid but the whole damn country was up in arms trying to kill them, nuke them out of existence even. Rage was vented on anything paki. Even artists were not spared. Now when the dust has finally setteld, and mumbai that phoenix of a city is back to business as usual, have we forgotten.

I am not angry at anyone but myself, whoever attacked us it was because we let it happen to us. We boast around and hide behind (mostly the latter) our so called culture and civilisation so much that we have almost let ourselves be blinded by what is in our faces – We are now long past the glory phase. The story was over years ago even before the British took over (that was why they took over people, because we were way past glory and glam). In the here and the now the facade is slowly breaking , while on one side we are breaking the cannibalistic , snake charming stereotype on the other we are also bringing to notice that there is a lot that has been brushed under the carpet. We are a developing nation you might say in defense. Well, is there an end date to that development ??? When will we be developed?? When will we stop hiding behind everything history says we were and truly be proud of who we are ???

My share of ranting over, i am going back into my selfish existense, i have to find a party for tonight.. Being alone is just too nerdy these days..

Oh and on the personal front, my year as an office going, earning citizen has definitely left a few pockets thicker (including my dads who doesnt have to support me and all those people who sold me everything from toothpaste to teradrives)

Adios Amigos !
Wishing u all the very best life has to offer, the happiness of a lifetime and the drama of a never ending hindi movie..


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  1. hey! its the new year…why so serious??? enjoy… put the past behind and move on…and i know u’re prolly gonna send me a long email abt why i’m still a kid coz i sed that…but hey…. life goes on….

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