Its Complicated

Your silence holds my wandering mind..
It seeks meaning for clues it cant find..
Asking you why draws but a glare..
An expression of grief, some despair..

Nothing happened but something broke..
There is no fire but there is smoke..
Try as i do to reason or rhyme..
My answers arent worth a dime..

Why is it that its not right..
Simple as it is in plain sight..
My question has been negated..
All you say is Its Complicated..


About TitoV

The author of this blog doesnt look the part of the kind of guy who would generate the stuff in the posts. Well, looks can be deceptive.

Posted on December 14, 2008, in poetry, thoughts and tagged , . Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. nice..typical of us girls to say “it’s complicated” and “it can’t be explained” when we wanna be politically correct….

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