Complicated.. The word is now in my personal list of offensive words..It has the knack of turning up at all the wrong places and being used in all the wrong contexts.

Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes ) said, ” I am a simple guy with complex tastes”. Now i can accept that. Complex as a word is somehow more logical. Complicated is not. And people use it so often these days. They dont wanna talk about something- “Its complicated”. They dont really have an explanation – “Its complicated”. The word turns up in the most mundane situations and conversations. It pisses me off (A LOT).

The fact of the matter is that it has become one of those sets of words that are slowly reducing the meaning and beauty of language, like “Actually, Maybe, You Know, “. These fillers that are used for stealing time, are killers of conversation. They make a person lose interest. Then u use “Its Complicated” and WHAM! the conversation is actually dead.

Note to readers: Try and use as few fillers as u can. And never use “Its complicated” if u cant answer why.


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