That thing called love and all that jazz..

It has been a while since i typed in something other than the novel and i am sorry.. But frankly carrying the story of Brian and Maya forward is pretty engaging. Still there are too many things to be said and as always it is going to be a self centred scribbling. So yeah , Obama won, India won a series and seems to be winning the next one too.. Its not a big deal.. I dont really care a damn.. As i see it, 6 months from now, the hype around Obamas color will fade and he will be just another president. Maybe people will judge him saying that a white guy might do things differently, i dont care. Maybe India will win another series , i dont care. FYI, the indian team is actually hired by the BCCI for playing, they are not the best in India, they are just the guys with the best agents.

Oh, we are in a recession or something of that sort, i dont care. My life hasnt really altered. Real estate rates have fallen drastically i hear but i cant afford it, so the recession isnt really doing anything to help.

Now coming to me and my thoughts, i am again at that point in life when i realised that i take some things a little too lightly. I always have , its inbuilt into my DNA. I love my life and i live it as i like it. With a job that gives me quite some degree of freedom from the usual office hours and enough money to afford a subsistence i am as happy as can be. There are some pretty big holes that need filling (including the one in my pocket ) but i’ll survive.

I have found my motto in life , “Its all gonna be alright”. Something or the other will always keep happening, some good and some bad shit. But the memories will be sweet no matter what. If anyone even tries the what about losing a person u love line, just understand that the past is worth only to two kinds of people – Palantheologists and Geologists. For everyone else it is just your inference of a time that was.

Seriously if one thinks of it, while there were times you thought you couldnt get through but have then sometime down the years it becomes a lesson learnt. Ifyou havent ,well your loss. The only lesson i deny myself is that love hurts. Now, i am not talking about friends , parents or all the other kinds that exist , i am talking about the one true love, the love of your life etc etc.. And for me there is sadly no one true love (amybe not so sadly). I have fallen head over heels for quite a few exceptional women ( the word here is exceptional) and i dont regret one moment of it. Some lasted years, some lasted months and some lasted days. But i have loved it. I just have too much love to give, there is so much that the world needs. And i give it one woman at a time. What about the guys you ask me, the reply is all guys have a lot of love to give, they just dont have ways and means.Call me a sucker for love, maybe thats what i am. Or maybe i am just too involved in the idea of love rather than love itself, it doesnt matter, coz thats how i am.

Now for the people who still havent got the message, i am still very single and ready to mingle. Conditions apply but then u wont get to know them until u know me.

A friend asked me what was my idea of a nice girl and i didnt have a straight answer. The inherent goodness of a person is what matters and if it is a woman we are talking about it is pretty much the biggest attractive feature other than the ability to hold an intelligent conversation. If after you are trying to set me up be warned, i have a murder written on my hand according to a palmist.

Keep living , keep loving.


3 thoughts on “That thing called love and all that jazz..

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  1. Hey mister… nice motto.. keep it going buddy!!!
    And a very good logic about finding love too :)!! There is always a lot of love to find in this huge huge world! N hope you keep finding your’s every time 😛 !!


  3. Well said ‘the inherent goodness of person is what matters’
    I live it up, you know dear writer whenever you write philosophical than i delight in reading you.
    And i read you blog every now and than 🙂

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