Whats Cooking ???

Contrary to popular belief, guys can cook.. And no we dont need degrees or be working in a hotel kitchen to do it.. The fact that we dont often do it is totally a different matter.. Unlike women, guys eat almost anything, calories count but often after something has been consumed and ended up as that extra pound on our sixpacks/twelve packs/ family packs..

Actually i think men cook better than women. My dad is an excellent cook , and it seems like i do have something from him genetically inherited after all.. Staying away from home for the past 8 years (not counting the 5 years in hostel) i have realised that cooking is easy.. U just need a hang for it..

One doesnt have to serve out kebabs and biriyanis to be a cook, i havent tried either.. But i can serve a killer chicken curry, made mostly by ingredients i have seen someone use sometime or the other and a little bit of experimentation on myself and my roomies.. The best part of cooking is to see someone else hog it down with relish and then scrape the bowl clean so that it looks like its never been used.. Oh and yes i cook vegetables too (someone said u are not a cook till u can cook vegetables)

Coming to why we dont cook, personally i hate the extras that come with it.. Men usually have no clue on whether something has run out in their kitchen and often run to the nearest store to get the all too important salt.. Secondly , dishes.. Washing them, wiping them and then hunting for them when the next cooking ghost attacks.. Another reason that comes to mind is that, in the happy period of single hood , all the way from college to worklife, puffs and pepsi are a tried and tested life saver..

So if u ever see me cooking and want a share , be ready to do the dishes.. And dotn ever ask me the name of the dish .. Just sit back , eat it , slurp it or whatever it and enjoy till i tell you its time for the dishes.. And no u cant escape coz the door will be locked and the key safely hidden till my kitchen ends looking like a War zone


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  1. wow… were u involved in some kind of heated argument abt cooking just before u wrote this??? lol… but u knw wat….yea men can cook.. n definitely in some cases way btr than their female counterparts… but wats th use of such talent which is hardly ever displayed (watever the reasons mayb…dishes,etc,etc)???

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