Allepey – A Night on a Houseboat

Allepey, also known as Venice as the east, is a town now past its peak.. Its glory still holds in the beautiful old mansions and houses that rub shoulders with the new glass facades of modern architecture.. The whole town was once accessible only by waterways, much like venice.. Now the canals and the boats on them are just like a museum piece, more memories than actual utility..

Tourism is reviving the town though, the idea of lagoons garlanded by coconut groves are enticing, the houseboats , still handmade , are each unique and no two look the same.. Spending a night on one almost as good as it gets.. The food prepared by the boatmen is to die for, mostly non vegeterian, it is spicy mouth watering and makes u eat like a pig..

Now coming to my ride, 8 people,cousins and friends, we got on expecting a once in a lifetime kind of experience and were not let down.. From the moment we left the shore behind we started our noisy racket that lasted into the wee hours of the morning.. After a few drinks, lots of music, a little fishing and some amazing food, each of us fell silent and slowly slipped away into our on worlds, some watching the stars on a velvet sky, some just staring out over a calm vast expanse of water that was all around us.. Of course there were the usual culprits who went into nocturnal shells and coochie cooed to their sweethearts in the bedrooms.. By the time we went to sleep we were dead tired, but around 7 when i woke up, i saw that everyone (myself included) had left the comfort of the bedrooms to sleep on matressses on the floor on deck.. Breakfast was idli , chutney and pineapples.. Then we went for a ride around the lagoon and saw atleast 500 more boathouses, some ashore , some like us on the way back and some starting their rides.. The only thing common was that everyone seemed relaxed, almost everyone was smiling and life seemed to have no worries.. Amazing how being on an unanchored boat gives one a feeling of freedom..

That was it, some pictures, a couple of videos and a heartfull of memories.. Then we were back on hard ground.. Till i make that next trip, for somehow i know that this is not the end..


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  1. hi there..

    i live in alpy…and guess what, i never been on a house boat ! its too costly ..i think. But, why should anyone get on those house boats to explore backwaters ?

    what people forget [or travellers dont know] is that there are many transport boats which are very cheaper for the same kind of travel these tourist boats offer….also it costs only around 10-25 rupees !

    I dont know how much you paid for your house boat journey…but i think the idea of travelling with the native people, paying what they pay, should be a journey worth taking..

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