Once again i walk the path..
Where we once walked together..
Once again i sit in the shade..
Of a tree that knew you and me..I dont know if i ever said all that i wish i had..
But now it doesnt matter anymore..
I am over the going crazy and being mad..
For me you are finally out the door..

Cherish as always will the memories..
Every moment and every word..
I am not running away anymore..
My life has led me to a new road..

This time though i will not return..
This once is the last time..
I am burying it where it was born..
My eyes no longer my love can mime..


One thought on “Closure

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  1. oki wow (yea i use tht word quite often)… but seriously i appreciate it when men write poems about love and closure…it shows that at least some men are sane enough to believe in relationships… n omg this poem is so much like th state of my mind prolly like 1 month back….

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