Scribbling -12

I dont remember if i have already written about this topic and i dont have the patience to go back and check.. So here is what i hope is not a second helping..

There is a subtle difference between being lonely and being alone.. While being alone can be conscious decision that we all make, being lonely isnt.. I often wish to be left alone , to my musings , scribblings and random thoughts.. I actually enjoy the alone time.. It helps me figure things out, put things in perspective and have one on one conversations with myself.. (yeah, so i am a little crazy, who isnt)..

The difference and hence the whole point of this post , is that being lonely is a state of mind.. U could be in a room full of people and still be lonely.. Its often when we feel that we need to talk something meaningful that we are at our loneliest.. There are times when no matter where u are , who u are or what u are , loneliness strikes and strikes deep.. And it gives no reason or warning about its coming.. There are quite a efw people i know who try and drown it out.. They just put on their loudest songs and start head banging.. Some others go on a shopping spree.. And then some get sloshed and try to sleep it off.. All of them work, and sometimes none of it does.. The state of mind stays long after the music has faded, the high of new clothes are gone and the hangover is history.. It bides its time and comes back stronger.. I have definitely had my share of them.. I also have found that a lot of people are spending most of their lives to avoid this.. I know a someone who takes on a lot more than he/she can do and then has to tire out to actually get some sleep.. I know people who run away from it by going out, eating out, roaming about , just to keep it at bay.. I am yet to meet someone whos made his/her peace with the idea that we all get lonely ( after all people make groups called lonely hearts club and what not)..

For people who have seen Farhan Akhtar in Rock On, the character he plays after the band breaks up sums it all up..

Douglas Adams said, ” Everyone has their moment of great opputunity in life. If you happen to miss the one you care about, everything else in life becomes eerily easy.”

In case you are wondering if i missed it, well lets just say , i waited maybe a little too long..


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