The Game

Football, the worlds biggest game.. and the best (and no arguments will be entertained).. The intra office futsal challenge starts this friday.. And as usual i am on cloud nine.. There are a lot of non believers who say that why even make the effort because we are gonna lose anyways.. But for me football is not about winning or losing (well, yeah its better to win , but only because that means we have another mathc to play).. The game is in itself enough reward for all the effort..

I wont give the usual talk about how its about about team work , strategy etc etc.. It isnt, yes team work is required, but that doesnt ensure a win.. Nothing does.. The game can change any given second.. Unlike some other popular sports, individual spurts of excellence are few and far between.. These things just happen and then they are stored away for ages , played over and over again.. There are no signature shots, no definitive style.. Samba style and the italian defense both work and sometimes both fail..

The beauty of the game is that it has no conventions, the rules are to bring order and donot support any player.. There is no love lost between teams.. Often rivalries carry on long after the reason dies.. It demands the best a person can offer and then tests them further.. 90 minutes of total dedication total grit and total heart.. A goal in a match gives a feeling that cannot be described in mere words or felt by mere mortals.. For that rectangle is heaven, and those 11 players feel like gods on it.. Anything is possible and often achieved..

This is my tribute to “The Game ” for everything else ever played can only be second best (read – first losers)


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