Taking Sides

I got this comment that i side with the male gender on most issues. Well, i guess its mostly because i am one and secondly because i am yet to meet a single lady that i could completely comprehend.. They are enigmatic creatures, very very entertaining and sometimes brilliant, but on the whole a big question mark.. Then coming to the point of the modern educated woman, it is pretty convincing argument but it just doesnt last..Or maybe its because my interactions with the so called group has not convinced me yet that they exist.. Its a big sham, very carefully constructed, and very well executed.. But if u look carefully enough there are enough chinks in the armour to thrust a blade through..

The yare supposedly independent, self- sufficient and all that jazz.. But the few indian girls that i have met in the category are either married to pretty strong men ( meaning the ladies can actually do what they want thanks to the men) or still too young to lay claim to the title..

Now coming to the other side, i take the side of my gender because the guys most of the time have no clue what they are all about, women have pretty single tracked minds and multitasking hands, men have multitasking minds and single tracked hands.. They might be thinking about sachin while holding an intelligent conversation with their counterparts but they cant cook and watch TV at the same time.. They are the ones that need all the defense they can get.. Tear down the machismo , the gadgets and the suits, we are still kids who never will grow up.. Responsibility is often thrust on us rather than willingly taken (in life not at work, coz at work responsibility with power is a high we like)..
Women on the other hand are equipped with what is called sixth sense, then something called instinct and on top of it have made an art out of expressions of silence.. Men cant understand silence, they like the background noises.. As Douglas adams says, when people stop talking, they start thinking.. Sadly thinking can only go so far, then they get to dreaming , then they crash land back into reality and realize their dreams are all futile.. This leaves them pretty depressed.. This is why men like all things noisy – guns, fast cars, hard rock and fist fights.. With one of their senses engaged they are pretty happily oblivious to everything else..

I hope this gives my anonymous reader an inkling of why i take sides.. And why it almost always favors the men..


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  1. i share the same viewpoint that a woman can throw you for a loop and she can be a big puzzle at times, it happens only when you try to understand her. In the first place i would tell you, most of the women don’t know how to drive rather they are driven. Secondly, in most cases they portray different picture other than their originality, due to any reason or this is just a woman. This very trait leaves a man clueless.
    The other category where a woman is very straight, than you will think she is easy but trust me she is also not easy on heart.
    This is what a woman is? a big question mark.
    Yes i agree, our system put pressure on a man for a number of responsibilities, not only the man this applies for a female too, they cant escape it either.
    At the end of the day we all want our comfort and freedom, being it a male or a female. People of both sexes paying the price of what they are not responsible.
    Dreams will remain dreams only somewhere we all are sad and lonely.

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