Picture Perfect…

There are some times when u just want to shout out loud at the world.. U might not even know the reason why.. Its just pent up frustration that has built up inside you, sometimes not even that.. Whenever i havent written for a while i get the same way.. Thats when my scribbling starts..

This time though this scribbling is gonna try and make sense , in my own way though.. Recently i had a talk with a friend and the question that kept most of the conversation going was , ” why is it that most guys dont let it out when they like a girl?” . Of course it was framed differently, and there was a long lead up to it.. But thats not the story..

I am no expert, my relationships have failed miserably the few times i got the guts to spill the beans, but thanks to a great friends circle i am pretty sure that the reasons below are applicable to most guys..

Firstly, a guy hesitates only when he really likes the girl, because when he really likes her he really wants it to happen.. And he has a pretty picture painted in his mind of how it will be. The answer from the gal will alter the picture no matter what , for a no will shatter it and a yes will result in a few strokes of the gals own brush on how she wants the picture.. So u see, the picture is doomed.. And some guys would rather keep the hope of the picture alive.. The other thing is that thing called commitment.. It scares all guys, it gives us enormous responsibility with no or little power, try changing that on its head  and most guys will love it.. Then comes the whole ” i think we should just be friends bit”… It never works.Gals, a very sincere request, don’t use that line please, it hurts more than u know..

Men are simple creatures , they either get something or they dont.. And once they lose something its gone. they’ll pine and cry (yes, i have seen men cry) and crib, but they will be back to normal in a little while..

Now lets just say that the girl says yes, the guy is on cloud nine.. He has no idea of what romance is ( lets admit it, theres cricket , theres movie and then theres beer)..Gals don’t do  cricket, they don’t like the taste of beer and the movies they like are too mushy.. But a guy will gladly sit through 3 hours of song and dance while sachin hits a century or while Italy lift the world cup.. Its sheer torture and they take it gladly.. Notice here that it was not part of the pretty picture.. Then come the mood swings.. Freaky as they are, guys grin and bear it.. Please note that the picture is now totally different.. The guys hardly recognize it, but its alright..

If u are still wondering why is the guy keeps things to himself, its simple.. life as they know it ends..


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  1. Every often i have realised that you get really defensive when it comes to a man. Let me tell you nowadays boys are also not that easy. Sooner or later he will express what he feels. The way of expressions might be different, now this will only happen when you are committed. If i will go out for a movie than i would definitely consider his choice too. Trust me not all woman fall under the same category.

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