Passionate Lives

I have a very big friends circle, and i am very very proud of them.. I see them prosper , some slowly and some meteorically and i am happy.. But then I also see them switching jobs, one for another not very different because it gives them a higher package, more money to buy stuff that they think will make them happy or atleast keep them occupied.. Very rarely do i see passion, that incredible emotion that keeps one going no matter what.. I have seen very small glimpses of it, sometimes at work , sometimes when friends are talking about a topic they love, and most of the times its scared me.. For to have passion for something/someone is scary for me.. It gives a person an unbelievable drive, a reason to live and sometimes to die for.. It is amazing for a bystander, almost like a flame to a moth.. Attractive but dangerous.. To live life so completely is something i envy about them, for them there are no alternatives, no safety nets, nothing to fall back on.. Their friends although caring just dont understand it.. They might accept it, even encourage it.. Because it is amazing to watch..

I know i have and i always will..


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  1. You know what I would love to have ? Conviction.. conviction that i am right no matter what!

    One for which i could give my life for… like socrates galileo and all

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